William de Blasio “Meets The Bronx”

(“Attorney-at-War”)This morning, “Local News 12” in the Bronx, is reporting that NYC Mayor William de Blasio is heading to the Bronx (“311”), and, like “Paul Revere,” in the American colonies, I can only simply say that “[Mayor William de Blasio] is coming.”

The American colonists, like “dogs,” knew what to do. These colonists had majored in “dogology” and minored in “slavocracy.” Few blacks cared to see “That Dogs Won’t Hunt: Rin Tin Tin Is Dead” on October 22, 2016 at a Dinner Theater at the famed, Cotton Club in Harlem.

It is not enough to simply warn descendants of enslaved Africans. Our people must be given “a bill of particulars.” This is “also legalese and military science.” See Queen Mother Moore. This is the value of my free, “online correspondence course” which I must finance out of my own pocket and with no financial support from any group including UAM conglomerate.

As soon as you receive this notice, every person of African ancestry must act as a “watchdog” and as a “junkyard dog.” This type of dog “will not stop until he or she is assured that every other dog has received the message and is on the prowl. This is why the dog is “the white man’s best friend.”

Any dog that will bite the hands that feed him or her is “not the white man’s best friend.” This means that “Negro titleholders” and “black, selected parrots” must wait for the white man’s orders before he or she will act even if the “dog pack” is facing “imminent danger.”

“Black selected parrots” will not question Mayor William de Blasio about my letter to him, dated October 17, 2016 –the state-sponsored death of Ramarley Graham; the state-sponsored death of Deborah Danner; the state-sponsored death of Eric Garner and the retaliatory arrest of Ramsey Orta, which will undermine a federal, civil rights investigation and prosecution of P.O. Daniel Pantaleo, in addition to the issue of “constructive eviction.”

Dogs have enough “sense” to protect the “pack leader.” Negroes lack “dog sense.” They will not surround their “militant” leader and watch anyone who approaches him or her with a threat. Any “false move,” by anyone, will cause all dogs, without exception, to “hunt.” They naturally select the “best and wisest dog” to lead the pack.

Arthur Dais Shores was the first black lawyer in Alabama for decades. He had attended LaSalle Extension University in Chicago. This was a “paid course.” As a schoolteacher, in Alabama, he was able to attend its summer sessions. This attendance also required “paid tuition.” Shores was admitted to the Alabama bar on October 4, 1937. An online correspondence course, typically requires tuition at every interval.

For twenty years, Alton Maddox paid for a professional staff so that the Slave Theater would not be a “chitlin-circuit operation.” There was also a dedicated, pure, volunteer staff of three persons. The Slave Theater was a twenty-four hour operation. Today, blacks refuse to understand “original intent.” Hillary Clinton favors “plantation politics.” Donald Trump favors “original intent.”

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