Why our children hate us: How Black adults betray Black children ©


            Eric K. Grimes, an analytical writer and author, will be the guest speaker at UAM weekly forum on this Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at the Brooklyn Christian Center, 1061 Atlantic Avenue (bet. Classon and Franklin) in Brooklyn. His book says its title makes an observation and does not raise a question.  The subtitle asserts a betrayal.  Discover the other reasons for our children’s conduct on this Wednesday evening.

            I have a historical observation.  After Michael Dunn sought to murder four, unarmed, Black youth and actually murdered Jordan Davis, he would have changed his flight plans if he had thought that a “Black posse” had been formed to execute summary justice.  No Black parent has emulated Mamie Till Mobley in securing justice for her son, Emmett Till.

            Most Black parents react to a death of a child by a white supremacist as though they had just hit the “Lotto”.  A recent example is the parents of Trayvon Martin. They took hush money before a Florida jury had acquitted George Zimmerman of murdering their son.  The receipt of this hush money suggested that the parents had already forgiven George Zimmerman.  The Florida jury followed.

            In other words, the parents not only betrayed the fight for justice for their son but they also signaled to white supremacists that if the price is right, Black parents will make a deal.  It would follow that Michael Dunn would murder Jordan Davis and attempt to murder three other Black youth for being supposed “thugs”.

            I can guarantee you that if a lynch mob had assembled in front of the courthouse in Jacksonville, FL, the criminal justice system would have taken the death of Jordan Davis seriously. Under similar circumstances, there would have been swift and certain justice for a Black murderer for “killing” a white person after a Florida jury had even considered Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” defense.

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