Whites Never “Praise” Blacks for Helping Blacks ©


The Thirteenth Amendment placed all formerly enslaved Africans on a banana peel with a “slipknot” in his or her future.  The criminal justice system is a “legal fiction.”  It is “presumed” that everyone knows the law even though all blacks had to leave chattel slavery with no “orientation” and in need of “mental therapy.”

It was in violation of human rights for a criminal justice system to be established in the United States for descendants of enslaved Africans. The first clue was the “1863 emancipation proclamation.”  If President Barack Obama lacked authority to issue an “executive order” for immigrants, under United States v. Texas, 579 U.S. ___ (2016), President Abraham Lincoln, under the “1863 emancipation proclamation,” freed no one.

In 1951, William Patterson, a Harlem attorney, was knocking on the “right door” but he was sitting in the “wrong pew.”  The UN Charter clearly outlawsslavery.  It is a stretch to file a UN petition seeking to prove “genocide.” There is prima facie evidence that all blacks, in the United States, are “chattel slaves.”

No law school, in the United States, teaches any lawyer how to “competently” and “effectively” represent black defendants.  Both Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are graduates of Yale University Law School. Neither Hillary Clinton nor Bill Clinton is competent to zealously represent blacks in the “White House.”

After my third trial, in New York, I realized that I was “barking” up the wrong tree. Whites “secured” the Bill of Rights in 1789.  Not even a “Bill of Rites” had been made available to “newly freed Africans” in 1868.   The prison-industrial complex, in the Thirteenth Amendment, constituted the “Compromise of 1865.”

For the moment, I will be brief.  After my third trial, I created “Maddox Law” for my conscience.”  Instead of a prosecutor and a defense attorney, there would be an “offeror” and an “offeree.”  The trial judge was a “referee.”  The “offeror” and the “offeree” had to bargain before trial.  The criminal defendant was actually the “third party beneficiary.”

In every trial, the litigants should start at the end of a trial process and proceed to its beginning.  Lawyers generally work from “jury selection” to “closing statements.”  On balance, this approach guarantees a “kangaroo trial.”  On appeal, the appellant routinely faces a “cold bench.”  No erasure is available for fundamental errors.

When New York “barred” me from practicing law, I was guilty of refusing to cooperate with a “racist” and “corrupt” judicial system.  I had to live with my conscience.  This is Maat.  Every black defendant is entitled to the principles of contract law even if an attorney has to face “a bill of pains and penalties” or a “bill of attainder.”  The U.S. Constitution represents “original intent.”

I applied “contract law” to the representation of Tawana Brawley. This was also another “proxy war” with Donald Trump.  As was typical in New York, there was no “war chest” and no “pressure group.”  This was the Roman Coliseum.  Dr. William A. Jones described the contest:  Nigger Play Fair!  I had to squeeze the lion’s private parts.  The lion “smelled meat.”  I was in a hole.

Rev. Al Sharpton and attorney C. Vernon Mason got to see my legal techniques in 1988 at the offices of NYS Attorney General in Manhattan.  NYS Attorney General Robert Abrams refused to honor the “doctrine of stare decisis.”  We bargained throughout February 1988.

This perennial, legal technique had also happened in 1986 in Howard Beach. Charles Hynes never displayed his “fangs.”  Hynes and Gov. Mario Cuomo were close friends.  Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson died exposing the “Cuomo Dynasty.”


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