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I never mentioned the National Action Network on August 11, 2015 at the Commission on Statewide Attorney Discipline.  A white activist mentioned it, however.  Legal representation and political representation were necessary for the American Revolution.  Crispus Attucks was not only the first person to give his life for “representation” but he was its architect.

            The whereabouts of National Action Network, on August 11, was a relevant question.  This organization purports to speak for blacks; yet, it refuses to put black grievances on the public record. Whites understand that a public hearing is a condition precedent to a public record and public policy. Legislation arises out of public policy. 

            The obvious question is the whereabouts of black selected officials.  Every black selected official was MIA.  They were not even observers.  Whites know how to treat deserters.  They take desertion seriously.  Whites believe in Jedburgh justice.  Ethics requires that whites police each other.  It is the glue that keeps whites together.  Blacks, on the other hand, are still attempting to define it.

            Our lack of knowledge puts us behind the eight ball.  We need HELP.  This is an acronym for History Ethics Logic Philosophy.  Marcus Garvey said it best: “A race without History is like a tree without roots.”  The race has to suffer a premature death even though it harbors the original birth certificate.

            When blacks need help, they automatically dial “911.”  The Appellate Division: Second Judicial Department has ruled that even when a black person is armed to the teeth, he or she must dial “911″ when a white mob is attacking him on his own premises.

            John White of Suffolk County, NY was sent to prison for killing a white trespasser spewing hate and committing crimes on his property.  This is judicial racism.  Gov. David Paterson refused to pardon John White.  Later, he reluctantly commuted his prison sentence.  White still suffers a felony conviction.  Only United African Movement is still demanding justice for John White.

            His conviction raises some policy questions about not only marriage but also the role of the black male in the family.  In the animal world, the lioness is the hunter.  In the human family, the white male is the hunter.  When Cecil the Lionwas murdered, his cubs were placed at risk. No one is able to connect the dots.  It follows, that when a black father is imprisoned, his children are placed at risk.

            United African Movement has myriad reasons for being concerned about attorney discipline.  Three of its founders were attorneys.  New York went after them like a lioness hunts zebras and it was not for food.  These white supremacists were concerned about sharing white supremacy with black nationalism.

            Dr. W.E. B. DuBois led the attack on Marcus Garvey who was being prosecuted by the federal government formail fraud.  Attorney Wilfred Smith represented Booker T. Washington and rode “shotgun” for him in the law.  Before relocating to Texas in 1922, Smith had become the general counsel to the UNIA.

            In 1923, Cornelius W. McDougal was recommended to Marcus Garvey. McDougal started the legal representation of Garvey but was dismissed during the trial.  A Jewish lawyer, Armin Cohn, had to replace McDougal. After Garvey’s conviction, McDougal became the first black lawyer to represent New York.  He was handsomely paid an annual salary of six thousand dollars.

            It is no accident that Garvey had to rely on Smith for legal advice.  Booker T. Washington had retained Smith to secretly initiate litigation on Washington’s behalf to dismantle Jim Crow in the South while, at the same time, taking punches from DuBois for being wedded to industrial education.

            In New York, Smith was counsel to Garvey’s Black Star Line.  He was also one of the first black lawyers to argue a case before the U.S. Supreme Court, challenging the right of blacks to sit on juries.  Smith initiated a jury exclusion case before the “High Court” involving Alabama and won it.  Washington had been funding these cases.

            In the meantime, DuBois was working to discourage black lawyers from accepting civil rights cases.  DuBois believed that black lawyers were only qualified to represent blacks in traffic court on drunk driving charges and to be involved in low-grade misdemeanors.

            This happened to attorneys Noah W. Parden and Styles L. Hutchins.  They had sought a stay of execution in State v. Johnson before the U.S. Supreme Court.  A Hamilton County, TN petit jury had convicted him of raping a white woman in 1906.  A lynch mob was immediately assembled to perform Jedburgh justice.

            Hutchins and Parden were able to convince the U.S. Supreme Court to order a stay of execution while DuBois was encouraging them to hand the case over to competent, white attorneys.  DuBois believed that all black lawyers were incompetent to appear before the U.S. Supreme Court.

            These black attorneys, in Johnson, were not only able to convince the “High Court” to stay the execution but they were also able to convince the U.S. Supreme Court to exercise their original jurisdiction to hear a contempt charge against Sheriff Joseph Shipp et. al.  This was an unprecedented use of its original jurisdiction for allowing a lynch mob to defy the “High Court.”

            While these law enforcement agents were surrendering to federal authorities to enter prison, Hutchins and Parden were receiving messages from back home not to ever return to Chattanooga, TN.  This is guilt by association.  Both black attorneys had to flee the United States.  They never returned to Tennessee.

            History is repeating itself.  Attorney discipline is raising its ugly head again.  Black attorneys are at the front of the line.  Any attorney who engages in civil rights in New York can expect a short-term lease in the practice of law.  The National Action Network was MIA on August 11, 2015 for the public hearing on public discipline in Manhattan because it advocates “$ilver rites.”

            Alton Maddox, for the past forty years, has been the chief critic on New York’s judicial system.  His criticism prompted former Chief Judge Sol Wachtler of the New York Court of Appeals to appoint the New York Commission on Judicial Minorities.  In 1991, this commission found that New York’s criminal justice system is “infested with racism.”  All black selected officials immediately tossed this finding in a wastebasket.

            Each and every black selected official and public official should immediately receive a post-card or email with the follow question:

“Where were you on August 11, 2015?  Your failure or refusal to competently and effectively represent your constituents is a raid on the public treasury.”

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