What the Freedom Party Means to Blacks ©

 Every voter is entitled to enroll in the political party which not only expresses his or her philosophy but also reflects the history of struggle.  On the other hand, a voter may enroll in a political party which has steadfastly opposed the voter’s entitlement to human and civil rights.  This has been the usual course of action for most Blacks.

A political party has a duty to promote HELP (history, ethics, logic and philosophy).   This goes back to giving great deference to one’s revered ancestors.  It helps to shape HELP.  There are also revered ancestors who are specialists in specific disciplines.

Unlike a civil rights organization, a political party may become fully immersed in politics.  Civil rights organizations, on the other hand, have specific, legal restrictions.  Churches have similar, statutory restrictions in addition to the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. 

Some of the major, political parties also have minor political parties.  For example, the Democratic Party has the Working Families Party and the Green Party.  Because New York recognizes cross-endorsements, a major, political party benefits from an association with a minor, political party 

The Republican Party also has compatible, philosophical associations with the Conservative Party, the Tea Party, the Right-to-Life- Party and the Libertarian Party.  Cross-endorsements from these minor parties assist the Republican Party.  The key is the lack of an irreversible, philosophical difference between the Republican Party and a minor political party.

The struggles of the Freedom Party in 1994 clarify the attacks from the Giuliani administration.  Minoo Southgate, an “Iranian Jew”, sought admission to the Slave Theater.  United African Movement did not stop Minoo Southgate, because of her race, color or religion but because of her beliefs.

The Giuliani administration sought to establish that “Negroes” should only enjoy a master-slave relationship with whites.  UAM saw this as a breach of the freedom of association and it would undermine one of the tenets of a political party because a political party is defined as a “voluntary association”.

The Giuliani administration sought to paint United African Movement and the Freedom Party as racist.  This would lead Blacks to mistakenly believe that the Freedom Party was an “outlaw” organization and, therefore, beyond the reach of any voter.

Later, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani would team up with Raymond Harding of the Liberal Party to challenge the signatures of the Freedom Party.  This was in the 1994 gubernatorial bid.  At the same time, the Giuliani administration was attacking United African Movement on its exercise of the right of associations.

After the 1994 effort of the Freedom Party to gain ballot status, Gov. George Pataki supplanted the name of the Tax Cut Now Party to the Freedom party.  This was an attempt to strangle the Freedom Party.  When Gov. Pataki went asleep at the switch in 1997, the Freedom Party rushed in to seize its name.  In 2010, Councilman Charles Barron unsuccessfully sought to seize the name.  “What’s in a name?”

Blacks have never had a Black-led and Black-financed political voice in the United States.  When Blacks have sought to criticize white, public officials, they have ended up like Paul Robeson, Rev. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. and Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.

Today, when Blacks criticize white, public officials, they will end up facing a “bait and switch”.  A civil complaint may allege defamation but, at the trial, the judge will give jury instructions arising to sedition.  For example, in Pagones v. Maddox, Mason, Sharpton and Brawley, Justice S. Barrett Hickman instructed the jury that truth was not a defense to sedition or defamation. 

Against this backdrop, Mayor-elect William de Blasio is counting on all Blacks to remain silent in the face of his appointment of William Bratton as the city’s next police commissioner.  The Freedom Party said that he has guessed wrong.  The Freedom Party is duty-bound to speak up for all Blacks including those Blacks who are supporting the designs of the Democratic and Republican parties.  Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman, among    others would have it no other way.

Throughout the next four years of de Blasio’s mayoralty, the Freedom Party is, undoubtedly, the political party in opposition.  This means that the Freedom Party intends to keep de Blasio’s feet to the fire.  This is what the Freedom Party meant by “political insurance”.  All Black voters should pay a premium to the Freedom Party for this protection.

If Blacks intend to continue financing and endorsing their own oppression, they should at least purchase protection against any “bait and switch”.  Seldom have white candidates sought to match their actions with their words.  The assassination of JFK is a reminder to all white candidates of the ramifications of keeping one’s word when those words were spoken in favor of Blacks.

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