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           I was relieved to hear Utrice Leid’s voiceTuesday evening.  Gary Null of NPR had informed me that he had not heard from Utrice and he was unaware of her whereabouts.  This was not Utrice’smodus operandi.  In speaking up for Blacks, she is a risk taker.  There was definitely concern for alarm. In tort law, this is called assumption of risk which relieves a white supremacist of any liability.

            Slavery was more manageable when censorship was employed to reduce the possibility of harm to a slaveholder.  Education was dangerous because a “slave” could write himself or herself out of bondage.  Because slavery necessitated travel for the slavemaster, an enslaved African, with an education, could draft a pass and say “adios.”

            I had also wanted to speak to our brothers and sisters, about the declaration of a state of emergency by Gov. Jay Nixon in Ferguson and the implications of martial law.  Because the Ferguson Police Department is a standing army, P.O. Darrell Wilson will be subject to the more liberal Uniform Code of Military Justice for pre-trial investigation. 

            Jews understand the difference between aclass action and a personal injury action.  For Jews, the fatal attack on four rabbis and a police officer is aclass action.  On the other hand, the “Central Park 7” was a personal injury action even though scores of Blacks and Latinos were victims of wrongful arrests. The terms of the settlement have not been publicized.  This is worse than the FIS Court.

            Even though Gov. Jay Nixon has declared a premature state of emergency, he, unlike President Harry Truman of Kansas City, MO, is unsure where the buck stops.  In the meantime, President Barack Obama is unsure whether an executive order can be employed to protect descendants of enslaved Africans from a standing army. 

            You can listen to “Leid Story” on Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at 1:00 p.m.  and participate as follows:

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