UAM Honoring “Father of Labor Day”

           In order to form the United States of America, European investors needed an involuntary partnership.  Indians would supply the land and Africans would supply the labor.  This was a criminal conspiracy if you assume that involuntary acts are legal.  Otherwise, it would be theft of property in addition to kidnapping.

            The glue that kept this partnership together was double-entry bookkeeping.  This was also the key to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.  It allowed for the financial protection of European investors. This placed an emphasis on assets, liabilities, and capital.  Double-entry bookkeeping attracted investors and allowed for the slave trade.

            A black organization is noted for piling up “unfinished business.”  This is the plight of the Freedom Party.  This can be a major problem for any business organization including a political organization.  Both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party are Fortune 500 corporations.

            The Republican Party is supposed to be made up of the elite.  On the other hand, the Democratic Party is made up of common people.  The equalizer is money.  “Plantation politics” is critical to maintaining a balance in the political duopoly.  Blacks are sharecroppers and not voters.  Like “slaves,” sharecroppers are not citizens.

            Unfinished business is allowed to pile-up because most members of the Freedom Party will always refuse to show-up as preached by the late Dr. William A. Jones.  In business, it is called coaching.  The cure to the problem is a sink or swim approach or trial and error.

            Once an assignment is given, it is inappropriate, for any member, to ask additional questions.  “Rogue members” use these unnecessary questions to engage in delay.  These members will do anything to avoid hitting the water.  The end result is costly, unfinished business.  This is enough to choke a horse.

            Marcus Garvey was born in Jamaica.  He is noted for grand designs.  His impact on flags is immense.  Many flags on the continent and in the Diaspora use colors that reflect GarveyismSee, for example, the flags of Ethiopia and Ghana’s pan-African colors. At the very least, all flags in the African Diaspora should be displayed, in Brooklyn, on 2015 Labor Day.

            There is also the matter of the amicus curiae brief in Fisher v. University of Texas which is before the U.S. Supreme Court in its next term.  Blacks should be heard.  This requires a (1) goal (2) timetable (3) strategy and (4) tactics.  In my opinion, the question is whether blacks should be seeking an equal education or a different education.

            These issues, among others, will be explored on the “Carl Nelson Show” on this Monday at 8:00 a.m. and at the Brooklyn Christian Center on this Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. in addition to Lloyd Strayhorn as the keynote speaker.  The venue is 1061 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.  Take the “C” train to Franklin Avenue. This radio program in D.C. will be streaming at  For more information call the Freedom Party at 917-947-8994.

            A history of Freedom Party and United African Movement should be completed on October 3, 2015.   This request has been on the table for years.  A political calendar must also be drafted for the next sixteen months.  A paradigm is Freedom Party:  “Say No to Cuomo.”  This was a political calendar for 2014. 


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