Todd Akin: Here We Go Again

On virtually any issue that arises in the United States, Dred Scott is invariably lurking in the background. Dred Scott initiated litigation for reparations in Missouri. Dred Scott was a “must” read for all law students at the predominantly-white University of Georgia Law School. The Cobb brothers were the founder of the law school.

They were top officials in the Confederate States of America and the leading authorities in slave jurisprudence. A required course in the first year was master-servant law. Slavery is still in effect. A slave holds a fiduciary duty to his or her master. Any Black attorney has a master-slave relationship with any white judge.

A firestorm is raging over the “legitimate rape” comment of Cong. Todd Akin, a six term House member who is currently challenging Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri. If the Republicans win the Senate seat in Missouri, the Senate may be controlled by the Republicans in 2013. Akin’s comment has hurt the Republican Party. The Republicans are now hollering “all hands on deck”!

Any run for the Senate can be risky for any political opportunist. In 1992, Robert Abrams, New York State Attorney General, put his hat in the ring for the U.S. Senate. I needed someone to knock Abrams out of the box. I put the Maynard Jackson paradigm on Sharpton’s mind. The rest is history.

Sharpton garnered 175,000 votes. He actually outdistanced former Cong. Elizabeth Holtzman. This result scared Sharpton to death. I was the first one he pointed to for the boot. I could forget chairing another campaign for him. Sharpton had sensed that he would receive a substantial vote. By June 1992, I had been thrown under the boat for all practical purposes.

Abrams would lose to Alphonse D’Amato. Abrams had already purchased tickets for travel to Washington, DC. Even though Sharpton was on the Koch-D’Amato plantation, Abrams never envisioned losing to D’Amato. Rev. Herbert Daughtry and Charles Barron also had to cancel their travel plans. They had opposed Sharpton in 1992. They were for Abrams.

Tawana Brawley had been raped in November 1987. She was fifteen years of age. In March 1988, I had fingered Steven Pagones as a rapist. She had, in fact, been raped by six white men. Before I fingered Pagones, I had asked Rev. Al Sharpton and attorney C. Vernon Mason to stay out of it. I would do better fighting this war alone. Accomplices would make matters worse.

By April 1988, Abrams, as “special prosecutor” in the rape of Brawley, told Newsday that it would be difficult to prosecute any assailant because the rape was legitimate. Stated differently, a fifteen year-old Black female can never be a victim of statutory rape. Abrams was reviving Dred Scott. Gov. Mario Cuomo patted Abrams on the back.

Instead of castigating Abrams, everyone gave him free reins to defame three Black men for standing with a Black girl. The white man supposedly owns the Black woman. It is a crime for anyone to stand between this white man-Black female relationship. Abrams’ plan was to imprison Sharpton for life and to disbar Maddox and Mason.

On Tuesday morning, I was staying in a hotel down South. I turned on the television and there was Sharpton on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”. This was the same “Morning Joe” who, as a congressman, had trashed Sharpton. Now, they were “all hugs”. Sharpton loves all white people and hates any Black person who will talk back to whites.

He never sought, on Tuesday morning, to make a comparison between the sexual statement of Akin on this past Sunday and the sexual statement of Abrams about Tawana in April 1988. Tawana Brawley is a no-no on MSNBC TV’s “Morning Joe”. There can also be no African perspective on “Here and Now”. This would be a viable substitute. Now “Here and Now” is below “Tiempo”.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has already thrown Akin under the boat and Cong. Paul Ryan had better watch out next week in Florida. Ryan and Akin co-sponsored legislation outlawing abortion under all circumstances including rape. Ryan has taken Obama’s stimulus money and he represents the racists of Oak Creek as well.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Democratic Party should be reminded of Abrams’ comment. Since Abrams believed that Tawana Brawley, as a fifteen year-old, could not be raped, it is clear that his grand jury investigation was a witch-hunt and the targets and victims were Maddox, Mason and Sharpton. Tawana Brawley lost her reputation.

This matter is important to me because I not only lost my license to practice law anywhere in the United States but I also had to spend thousands of dollars and countless hours in saving Sharpton. This debt had to be repaid later without any semblance of income. In the meantime, Blacks have helped elect Andrew Cuomo as governor of New York.

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