The Life and Times of “Dr. Ben” ©

In his lectures and in his presentations, Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan gave great deference to the Black woman.  The rape of a fifteen-year-old Tawana Brawley gave birth to United African Movement on August 17, 1988 and in deference to Hon. Marcus Garvey.  This placed a double-duty on any member of United African Movement.

No one can be a “good Negro” while elevating the Black woman to her rightful place on the throne.  This automatically raises the bar to the “danger zone” in white supremacy.  It is understandable that the “good Negro” will dishonor anyone who is an adherent to the philosophies and opinions of Marcus Garvey. 

The defense of a Black woman is equivalent to summary capital punishment.  She is the “cradle of civilization.”  No one should expect the head of UAM to lullaby Blacks. It is not easy to support Black females without a support system.  The result is a sacrificial lamb. 

In January 1991, United African Movement would implement a reorganization plan.  UAM would emphasize both social activism and political education.  Education of the masses is necessary to elevate the race.  The Slave Theater had become UAM’s equivalent to UNIA’s Liberty Hall.  A house organ, like the Negro World, is still a work in progress for UAM.

Both Dr. Clarke and “Dr. Ben” would occupy chairs of distinction. They enjoyed the right to be heard at any moment.  While Europeans promote a democracy, our people have, when in their right minds, been most comfortable in a gerontocracy.  In its U.S. Senate, the United States embraces the importance of a “council of elders.” 

It is now difficult to teach descendants of enslaved Africans that history is a business.  History and culture are the props for Black business.  Both “Dr. Ben” and Dr. Clarke enlightened us with “Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization” as the watershed.  Dr. Jeffries refers to “Dr. Ben” as “the gift that keeps on giving.” 

In its reorganization plan, UAM would introduce a business model.  The foundation of it is HELP(History Ethics Logic Philosophy).  Today, Blacks are crying out for HELP.  We have finally been pointed to the right path.  Blacks must appreciate and understand geometry.  We gave the world mathematics. 

“Dr. Ben” espoused that the original Jews were from Ethiopia.  His research did not put him in good stead with the Anti-Defamation League. Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani would employ Minoo Southgate, an “Iranian Jew,” to attempt to integrate the Slave Theater.  Giuliani presumed that other Black groups would readily embrace whites.

Maddox successfully argued that Blacks had, under the First Amendment, the right to associate among themselves even if it meant discriminating against whites.  In defense of United African Movement, he was virtually a one-man band in fighting censorship. His legal performance was unprecedented.  It is still a conversation piece today.

In January 1991, UAM established a business model.  Its headquarters, would be at 16 Court Street in Brooklyn.  There would be monthly breakfast meetings, three planning retreats and an annual banquet and convention in addition to a commemorative journal.  This is the result of a business operation with competent personnel.

After the death of Gil Noble, WABC-TV changed “Like It Is” to “Here and Now.”  Neither “Dr. Ben” nor Dr. Clarke, and without “community outrage,” has been heard from since the name change. I saw this as a constructive burial of the “good works” of Dr. Clarke and “Dr. Ben.” These men were stalwarts in preserving our history and culture which is centered in the Nile Valley.  This is “legalese.”

No one can argue about who the loudest critic is of not only opposing the name change from “Like It Is” to “Here and Now” but also of the program’s current content.  The loudest and boldest critic is repeatedly mentioned in WABC-TV’s public record.  It is available for public inspection.  The proof is in the pudding.  May 1, 2015 is the target date for license renewals of media broadcasters in New York.  See  Contact Freedom Party at 917-947-8994.

As the director of UAM forums at the “Slave Theater” up to and including the Oberia Dempsey Center, I established a minimum speaking fee at United African Movement and encouraged others to adopt this income schedule.  This would allow our community to support these speakers in a fair and meaningful fashion and circumvent economic exploitation.  However, both “Dr. Ben” and Dr. Clarke embraced “Race First.”

The discovery of the African Burial Ground in lower Manhattan was of great concern to both Dr. Clarke and “Dr. Ben.”  Because of FIRE, I knew that former Mayor David N. Dinkins had to speak out of both sides of his mouth. This is the power of a special interest group.

 To get to a Congressional hearing in New York and chaired by former Cong. Gus Savage, I had to skirt around a political minefield.  After Dr. Clarke testified, it was unnecessary to summon “Dr. Ben.”  They were in tandem.  “Dr. Ben” gave great deference to his elder.  This was military science. See Congressional Record.

When these men and women are allowed to be buried quietly, it affects our public appreciation for them and it could diminish our appreciation for their work.  Even if they die as paupers, they should be buried as kings and queens. This contributes to their legacies and enhances their reputations.  It affects their income from intellectual property.  This also affects the next-of-kin.  Sis. Sybil Williams Clarke, for example, is the victim of economic exploitation.

Only a code of ethics in our community will protect us from any back-sliding.  A code of ethics requires accountability.  This is the glue that binds a community together.  There is much work to do to preserve the legacies of Dr. Clarke and “Dr. Ben.”  “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  We must share any blame for not being on the case 24/7.




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