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                 The political cycle for the 2013 municipal elections started in November 2009 and after the Black, Latino and Asian voters, for the first time, had an opportunity to establish majority rule in New York City. The majority members of the New York City Council now are Black, Latino and Asian. 

            For the first time in New York City history, the political coalition consisting of the Irish, Italians and Jews were reduced to minority status in the New York City Council.  Because the political representatives of Blacks, Latinos and Asians were “selected officials”, power continues to remain in the hands of the Irish, the Italians and the Jews.

            This started “white minority rule” in New York City which is systematic. It behaves the same way anywhere in the world.  South Africa was a good example of “white minority rule”.  It is characterized by extensive human rights abuses.  The New York Police Department is in the vanguard of executing these abuses today.

            The largest class of victims is persons of African ancestry.  This group was targeted not because of the color of their skin but because they constitute the largest voting bloc in New York City.  Blacks are also at the top of the heap in consumer spending in New York City. This is potential power gone bad.

            This group has chosen to be powerless and, therefore, victims.  When a group chooses to be powerless, terrorism becomes a fixture to maintain the status quo.  This is automatic and systematic.  It happened during Reconstruction.  The Ku Klux Klan was established to keep Blacks out of courthouses.  A similar effort was already in place in religious venues for white Christians.

            Blacks have not only abused voter registration since Reconstruction but they also lack a knowledge of voter education and political education.  Because of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, it is no longer required for voters in the United States to master voting rules before they become registered voters.  Now, the cart precedes the horse in Black politics.

            This is like the institution of slavery.  It was not required that Blacks learn the rules of plantation management.  Blacks only had to be obedient.  There was a master-slave relationship which trumped all other relationships before the Thirteenth Amendment.  At the ballot box, it is called “plantation politics”.  Black selected officials understand this relationship.

            The Freedom Party was founded in 1994 and rejuvenated in 2010. Blacks have always found difficulty in expressing their political views through First Amendment rights.  The First Amendment extends to group rights.  Blacks have had difficulty exercising individual rights.  Group rights, under the First Amendment, have been placed off the charts.

            When Black, Latino and Asian political representatives chose not to exercise the powers and privileges which are normally associated with majority rule, it was clear that the ballot box has been rigged.  The voting efforts of Blacks, Latinos and Asians in November 2009 had been an exercise in futility.  This “minority” coalition remained powerless

            Only an insane people would continue to do the same thing and expect a different result.  The people would require a different quality of representation. The Democratic Party was the problem. Political slavery was still in effect.  A change would come only when Blacks expressed themselves through their own political party.  This political effort started anew in 2010.

   A search for a gubernatorial candidate for the Freedom Party started with 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care and “Community Cop”.  The choice was Michael Greys who put a wrinkle in the selection process.  His gubernatorial run would only happen if no other viable person stepped up to the plate. Unfortunately, Councilman Charles Barron stepped up to the plate as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

            In any event, the Freedom Party demonstrated that it had the political muscle to be a major player in state politics and in politics in New York City.  In 2010, the Freedom Party was able to secure a slot on a state-wide ballot even though it had to be collect valid signatures throughout New York State.  Sixteen congressional districts, at the very least, were important from Buffalo to Long Island.

            Geography was important in 2010.  In the mayoral race in New York City, a candidate only has to secure 7,500 valid signatures.  The Freedom Party was able to collect over 25,000 signatures in New York City in 2010.  It is a cinch that the Freedom Party can collect 7,500 valid signatures in 2013.

            Although Democratic registration outnumbers Republican registration 6-1, the Republican Party has been able to seize and hold on to Gracie Mansion for the past twenty years.  The Democratic Party can ill-afford for Black voters to engage in self-determination.  It has become critical for Blacks to continue the practice of “plantation politics” and remain political pawns.  A political pawn refuses to demand a “quid pro quo“.

            Rain, shine, sleet or snow, it is critical for Blacks to start its quest for Gracie Mansion and City Hall on this Saturday morning.  Political races have already started in the Democratic, Republican and Independence parties.  Other political parties will follow.  The race for mayor, other city-wide positions and local races are wide-open.

            Blacks have the opportunity to reduce the political, economic, social and legal disparities in New York City in 2013.  It beats hollering “No Justice! No Peace!  Even if civil disobedience brings some success, power still remains with the Irish, Italians, and Jews.  This is like putting the vote aside and hollering at the top of your lungs.

            Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. is characterized as the “closer” on voting rights. Our revered ancestors sacrificed their lives to give descendants of enslaved Africans the right to vote. We must use the ballot, from the outset, to erase unjust laws from the books.  These laws are creating havoc on the Black community.

            Unjust laws formed the basis for the institution of slavery.  Whites were subject to the common law. Blacks were subject to the slave codes.  Even after the Emancipation Proclamation, unjust laws are still being enforced against descendants of enslaved Africans.  Blacks must use the ballot instead of simply putting “Black faces in high places”.  This is not the primary reason for voting.

            Blacks who are not on the starting line on February 23, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. at the Cotton Club, 656 West 125th Street in Harlem should not be heard to complain about anything later.  There are a lot of issues.  Given all the problems that Blacks face in New York City, the most important venue this Saturday morning will be at the Cotton Club in Harlem. Our future is now.  There will be no later.

            An aggressive and progressive agenda must be fashioned. This is more important than a mayoral candidate.  Only an agenda can choose the right candidate.  There must be a Black political convention.  It should occur before May 19, 2013, the birthdate of Malcolm X.  Every Black person by July 2013 should not only be a member of a Black-led and Black-financed organization but he or she should also be a registered voter.

            Politics is very important for persons who have gone through the prison-industrial complex and for all Black persons who are subject to the prison-industrial complex.  Blacks must have an “offense” and a “defense” in an environment which allows for predators.  The prey must have a “ballot and a bullet”.  A prayer alone will not do the trick.

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