The “Final Solution” in 2016 ©

           I know Cong. Bobby Scott personally.  He represents the 3rd C.D. in Virginia (202) 225-8351.  He is also a member of the Congressional Black Caucus and a member of the House Judiciary Committee.  My letter last week asked him not to allow the Republican Party to put the cart before the horse.  This nation’s civil rights laws constitute a toothless tiger.

            The Senate hearing to ascertain the fitness of U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch to become the U.S. attorney general is a “red herring.”  Her possible predecessor, Eric Holder, has already admitted that this nation’s civil rights laws are bankrupt.  The proposed Senate hearing is a diversionary tactic to lead blacks on a “wild goose chase.”

            The beneficiary of this diversionary tactic will be the “$ilver rites movement” which is headed by “ambulance chasers.”  These “ambulance chasers” (tort lawyers) are major contributors to the Democratic Party.  This allows this Fortune 500 company to feast off of the “pain and suffering” of blacks.  Black “$ilver rites lawyers” get the crumbs.

            In the meantime, no “$ilver rites leader” has offered or proposed any omnibus legislation to end these wholesale police killings.  The “$ilver rites movement” is having a field day off of our “pain and suffering”  While all blacks, according toDred Scott, constitute a class, black victims, while using the masses to make noise, are settling for “hush money.”  Fearing a rebellion, the power structure placate “$ilver rites” leaders.

            Unless the masses rise up immediately and make some joyful noise in accordance with a Congressional blueprint, blacks will be had “big time.”  Time is of the essence! The time to act is now.  The Tea Party intends to be in high gear in 2016.  Having put President Barack Obama in the “White House” is like having waved a red handkerchief at a bull.

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