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The “Credit System” in the United States is actually the “Political System” in the United States.  It is, in reality, a “bait and switch.”  For example, a year before the presidential sweepstakes, in 1992, the “enfranchised voters” met in a secret location to dethrone Bush 41.  President George H. W. Bush described it as the “New World Order.” William J. Clinton was the beneficiary.

In 2016, the casino industry was given a piece of the action and a seat at the poker table.  The last “dog and pony show,” aka “presidential debate,” will be held in Las Vegas, NV, a site favorable to Donald J. Trump who also represents former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and the Mafia (John Gotti).

The Commission on Presidential Debates is a “front” for the Fortune 500 Corporations and the “Fourth Estate.”  The traditional, political duopoly in the United States, constitutes a “political conspiracy” in “restraint of trade.”  This is the trade policy of both, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

Voters are given “chips” to be played in the credit system by November 8, 2016.  Sophisticated voters are able to use their “casino chips” as “bargaining chips” and these voters are able to leverage them.  Negro voters are in a “legal and political fog.”  They lack political options.

This year, the “Do Nothing Party’ did seek to participate in the 2016 presidential sweepstakes but it has no attorney, no accountant nor a professional secretary.  This is a chitlin-circuit operation.  Someone should demand an “attorney general’s opinion.”  No one, including the “Do Nothing Party,” should defeat thevision of Fannie Lou Hamer.

There is a demand, on the table, for a presidential debate between the presidential pretenders, Hillary R. Clinton and Donald J. Trump. Clinton is betting on “plantation politics.”  Trump is betting on a “half-truth”: “the system is rigged.”  His message of populism is aimed at white male voters and their “white” petunias.

Negro loan sharks are seeking to undermine the call for a debate on the “State of Black America” by coming up with “conventions” that, at this late date, are barred by statutes of limitations.  These “titleholders” never mentioned these topics at state conventions of the Democratic Party.  This is an exploitation of “Negro ignorance.”  It inures to the benefit of the “casino industry.”

There has to be a discussion on “race” in America in memory of our revered freedom fighters including Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. who argued in his “I Have a Dream” speech that people should not be judged by “skin color” but by the “content of their character.”  These flawed candidates will have to discuss the policies which have allowed the United States to drift from this premise.

Given the last two “dog and pony shows,” in 2016, sound-minded blacks should be classified as “undecided voters.”  They hold the “balance of power.” America needs a “Unity Debate” to “Make America Whole.”  Everyone should know that America is well-established today because of “stolen land’ from Indians and “forced labor” from Africans.

If no one hears our plea, for a discussion on race, the presidential sweepstakes, which will end on November 8, 2016, will simply be an “exercise in futility.”  This debate will require an identification of the causes of black poverty and disenfranchisement and the effects of those affected policies.  Blacks can ill-afford to weather another “dog and pony” show.

Black “titleholders,” like Public Advocate Letitia James, (212-669-7250) who is enrolled in the Democratic Party, should have an “emergency plan” to address the plight of blacks, within the next four weeks.  It should have unfolded in October2015.  It is now unethical to engage in “political distractions” at this late date.  What is James’s belated plan?  Will she, unequivocally, reject Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plan for a “public prosecutor” in racially-motivated cases?

                          Keep the Pressure On!

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (518-474-8390)


Democratic Party – (202-863-8000) Fax (202-863-8028

Republican Party – (202-863-8500) Fax 202-863-8820

“Hillary for America” – (212 627-4140)  Fax: (212-645-0931)

“Donald Trump for President” (212 -832- 2000)  Fax (212-935-0141 )

Letitia James – (212-669-7200)/(212-669-725)


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