The Cost of Speaking Up for Blacks

The Cost of Speaking Up for Blacks 

Program – August 19, 2015

No ethnic group can enjoy any freedoms in the United States without receiving protections under the First Amendment.  The Second Amendment is the “shotgun” for the First Amendment.  This country has always had questions about arming blacks. For example, President Abraham Lincoln only armed blacks to save the Union.

            The United States had no citizenship clause until 1868.  Only “white men” need to apply.  Blacks agreed to fight for the Union to arrest the “import” of Dred Scott.  The Fourteenth Amendment did not address and specifically refute Scott v. Sandford 19 How. (60. U.S.) 393 (1857).  Instead, it recognized the doctrine of jus soli coupled with the doctrine of jus sanguinis.  These constitutional doctrines bother Donald Trump.

            Because I have been essentially, the only legal voice for blacks since 1974, I have continued to be the victim of actual and judicial harassment.  This expression is in print and voice.  The black community has no journal to address issues of “legalese” and “military science.”  These articles are spawned by HELP.

August 19 – “Irritated Genie,” is a vocal critic of Al Sharpton and a resident of Washington, D.C.  He accused Sharpton of being a member of the Negro elite and an associate of Condoleeza Rice.  He is the keynote speaker at UAM forum tonight at Brooklyn Christian Center, 1061 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, NY.  Call Freedom           Party at 917-947-8994 for travel information.

August 20 – CPW Towers LLC. v. Maddox has been adjourned to October 2015

August 21 – Homegoing Services at 10:00 a.m. for Sis. Kefa Nephthys (Lucille Jones), Founder of First World Alliance, at Amsterdam Memorial Chapel, 1761 Amsterdam Avenue (147th St) New York, NY 10031


September 8 – People v. Maddox

            5:00 p.m.        Bethlehem Town Court

                                    447 Delaware Avenue

                                    Delmar, NY 12054


October 3-4 – Overnight trip to Baltimore MD and Washington, DC and stay at an all-suites hotel.  Blacks in Wax Museum and Baltimore Harbor (Oct. 3) “Nile Valley on the Potomac” Field Trip and Civil War Museum in Washington, DC (Oct. 4).  No Black Child Should Be Left Behind.  Anthony Browder, author of Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization, will lead the field trip.  Blacks should be able to identify European landmarks as African symbols.

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