“Taxation without Representation” in New York ©

   President Barack Obama is chauffeured around the nation’s capital with a license plate which reads “TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION”.  This means  that the American Revolution is still incomplete.  An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.  These are the words of Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.

            This is an issue of sovereignty.  No person who is unfree can form a free association.  The United States denies the right of people of African ancestry to enjoy sovereignty. The Reconstruction Amendments fall far short of giving sovereignty rights to descendants of enslaved Africans.

            If Black people throughout the United States were able to enjoy freedom of speech, our license plates would also read “TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION”.  Blacks in New York have never enjoyed full political representation.  When “emancipation” took full effect in 1827, there were restrictions on voting rights.  In 1847, only one Black person was allowed to practice law in the state.

            Today, Blacks in New York are still barred from forming a political party.  In 2010, New York chose to dump 190,000 votes rather than to allow Blacks to exercise political expression. To this date, New York has refused to explain the whereabouts of these votes.  “Might makes right” is the slogan of the white ruling class.

            In February 1989, New York arbitrarily “barred” me from exercising the right to represent the Brawley family.  It wanted to run roughshod over the Brawley family.  Effective legal representation would prevent this legal onslaught. Afterwards, the late Hudson Reid sought to represent Tawana. New York decided that Reid might provide effective, legal representation.

            New York next decided to appoint Matthew Strong as her guardian ad litem even though she was living with her natural mother, Glenda Brawley.  Strong had married Juanita Strong, Glenda Brawley’s sister.  He was a police officer in Monticello, New York.  He smelled a rat and refused to consent to the appointment.

            This would become a problem for Pagones because the service of a summons and complaint on a minor requires a guardian ad litem. There was no guardian ad litem.  To make matters worse, Tawana had to be served in New York for a New York court to have jurisdiction over her.  She was allegedly served in Virginia.  New York is allowing Pagones to “pickpocket” Tawana’s pocket for over Three Hundred Dollars every pay period for the rest of her life.

            A major rally for Tawana Brawley will be held on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. at the Brooklyn Christian Center, 1061 Atlantic Ave. (bet. Franklin and Classon) in Brooklyn.  Take the “C” train to Franklin Ave.  Walk two blocks to Atlantic Avenue.

  Full-course dinners are available at a reasonable price in the cafe.

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