Study Group: “Original Intent” and “Judicial Gerrymandering” ©

         If you lived in Russia and you sought to circumvent illiteracy, you would only have two options:  education or mentacide. Blacks, in the United States, have the same options.  The white man is bilingual.  He only speaks “legalese” and “military science,

           To win a war against white supremacy, without firing a shot, you must develop a well-oiled propaganda machine.  On the other hand, if arace is thoroughly brainwashed, it will drop its weapons and raise the white flag without firing a shot.  It was in the best interest of the “Crimson Tide” to integrate its football team.  Sam Cunningham won this war with a pigskin.

            Original intent is “legalese.”  It involves a plan for the formation of an organization.  Any organization, which has been derailed by a detour, must return to its blueprint for answers.  This is the current plight of United African Movement.  It must return to its roots for survival.

            This is not 1988 and the baggage today is much heavier than it was in 1988.  Its remedial architect is seeking to move on to a new frontier. “In-charge Negroes” are rhetoricians and titleholders.  They are not performers.  These Negroes engage in shadow-boxing.  They have clean records and they have never been charged with seditious libel.  This charge is the tell-tale sign of an activist.

            In the military, an elite unit, like the “Navy Seals,” must spearhead a military operation.  The same modus operandi must be employed by United African Movement.  This requires rigorous training and intense education.  “If you fail to plan, you intend to fail.”

            The plantation was not proper a venue for intelligent blacks — only ignorant Negroes need apply.  “Slaves need HELP.  The slavemaster refused to teach HELP (History Ethics Logic Philosophy).  The square is the geometric symbol for an organization.  Its cornerstones are HELP.

            Only take-charge blacks can re-ignite United African Movement.  “In-charge Negroes” major in unfinished business.  They will turn any effort into a do nothing operation.  In the absence of take-charge blacks, United African Movement must resort to its original blueprint and itsremedial architect.

            Blacks can ill-afford to wait.  “Wait” has already killed an untold number of blacks.  The starting line is Monday, February 1, 2016. The headquarters should be the office of the Freedom Party (917-947-8994).  A written plan must be disseminated by Wednesday, February 3, 2016. This written plan will include (1) goal; (2) timetable: (3) strategy (4) tactics.

            History and philosophy will explain the “original intent” of our revered ancestors.  On the other hand, the “original intent” of our slavemasters is mentacide and genocide. Dependency has occupied the middle position. Blacks are currently addicted to “crackers.”

            Mass incarceration is the number one problem in the black community.  Under the Clintons, it will be “concentration camps” in 2017.  Blacks will finance and endorse their own oppression through “plantation politics.”  The goal of the Democratic Party will also be concentration camps.  In New York, judicial gerrymandering will be the tactic.

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