Strategic Steps for Ferguson, MO © “A Protracted Struggle”


       1   Double Jeopardy Inapplicable to a Grand Jury Investigation2Legal                     2,Vanguard – Black Lawyers

        3Taxpayer’s Lawsuit – TRO: Grand Jury Decision

         4.Positioning of Black Leaders on Ferguson Battlefield

            (From the Suites to the Streets)


  1. Reorganization Plan
  2. Economic Sanctions
  3. Terminate “Silver Rites” Movement
  4. The Assassination of Michael Brown – A Class Action

                        (No “Innocent Bystander” in a Class Action)

  1. Contemplate a 2015 “Spring Offensive”

                        (Compare Nazi Germany’s Invasion of Russia in 1941)

  1. Draft a Military Lingo
  2. Respect a Separation of Church and State
  3. Self-help – Ignore the U.S. Department of Justice

                        (i) Demand for a Special Prosecutor and Grand Jury Report

                        (ii) Impartial Investigation of Brown’s Killing

                        (iii) Investigate Shoot-to-kill Policy

                        (iv) Investigate Racism in Judicial System

                        (v) Investigate Prosecutorial Discretion


  1. Public Relations and Education
  2. Missouri Compromise of 1820
  3. Dred Scott (1857)
  4. Compromise of 1877
  5. Racism in Missouri
  6. East St. Louis Missouri (Martial Law in July 1917)
  7. Negro Zones in St. Louis – (1929)
  8. Missouri ex rel. Gaines v. Canada(1930)
  9. Office of Missouri Attorney General

                        (i) Associate Justice Clarence Thomas

                        (ii) Former Attorney General John Ashcroft


  1. Political Chess in Ferguson


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