Resurrection of Enslaved Africans Good Friday & Easter “Universal Truths” ©


In Honor of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

UAM Weekly Forum – March 23, 2016

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Patricia Newton

  1. ______________:”The beginning of wisdom is calling things by their right names.”

  1. Africans practiced a __________________ and not a democracy.

  1. _____________ is the basis for jurisprudence.

  1. Under contract law, ______________ constitutes the “four corners rule.”

  1. After the American Revolution, the United “Snakes” of America immediately commissioned _________________________ to pen a __________________.

  1. The courthouse is a misnomer for a _________________.

  1. Slavery is a misnomer for _____________.

  1. The__________________________ __________________ is the formula for racial oppression in the United States.

  1. Polling is not necessary in the black community because blacks are not “__________________.”

  1. The “founding fathers” only spoke “______________” and “__________________________.”

  1. The following world leaders have this profession in common:______________

            (a) ____________        __________

            (b) ________________    ____________

            (c) ______________   _______________

            (d) _______________    ______________

  1. In Minoo Southgate v. Maddox & United African Movement, the argument for the right to exclude whites was made under the ____________ ____  ___________________.

  1. Alton Maddox was the _______________________________ in Minoo Southgate v. Maddox & United African Movement.

  1. The lead defendant is the ___________________.

  1. In 2016, white settlers in a black community should be referred to as _________.

  1. “If you fail to plan, you intend to fail. “The key elements of any plan are:





  1. The enslavement of persons of African ancestry in the United _____________ of America should be referred to as being held in ___________________.

  1. Gentrification is an ___________________.

  1. “His Story” should be subject to ___________ – __________laws.

  1. “Our Story” should be subject to __________________ of the Federal Rules of Evidence.

  1. Black organizations must adhere to “_____________________________” in preserving the legacy of revered ancestors.

  1. There is a correlation between ____________________________________ and language.

  1. Black organizations must adhere to the ________________ Amendment.

  1. The controlling law for black organizations is the ___________ codes.

  1. A legal rationale for Dred Scott is, inter alia, ____________________ __________________.

  1. ____________ and not eternal surveillance should be the basis for insulating the black community.

  1. The current plight of Alton Maddox results from the_________________  __________ of Moses and Jews.

  1. The state-sponsored death of Sandra Bland involves the _____________  ____________.

  1. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is using the “___________ _________ ______________________” to promote her presidential campaign.

  1. Given a ______________________, Alton Maddox had vowed to pen a ___________________ _______  ____  _______________.

  1. ____________ requires that a black organization must bear the cost of having an outspoken leader.

  1. A ____________________ caused the current plight of Alton Maddox, resulting from a ___________________ in Delmar, NY.

  1. An ___________________________________ _________________must be employed to obtain an interpretation of the law.

  1. ___________________________ should have packed the UAM forum on March 23, 2016.

  1. __________________________ should be our focus on this Easter Weekend.

  1. To make an argument to a white supremacist, a person must lay a _______________.

  1. Instead of a Freedmen’s Savings and Trust Bank, Congress should have established a _________________________.

  1. The modus operandi of white supremacy is to always ________________ the rights of blacks.

  1. There should have been _____________________________________ to the Thirteenth Amendment.

  1. The first step in the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment should have been ____________________________.

  1. In 1964, a political duopoly in New York enacted the ___________________ _____ (NYPL § 140.50) prior to Terry v.  Ohio.

  1. Racial profiling should be outlawed under the _______________________________________.

  1. Slave profiling should be permitted under the ______________________ ____________________.

  1. Asians initiated Yick Wo v. Hopkins 118 U.S. 356 (1886) to outlaw the _____________________________________________ of the law.

  1. Black lawyers refuse to demand that New York end the discriminatory enforcement of __________________________________________ proceedings.

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