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  In 1863, when our ancestors “fled” the plantations, to save the Union, they still possessed “bad habits” which they had acquired during slavery.  In addition to “bad habits,” all descendants of enslaved Africans had been judged “constitutionally,” with “bad reputations.”  In “legalese,” people are known by their “reputations” and not by their “character.”


            A “bad reputation” should have given rise to a cause of action for “constitutional defamation” nationwide.  “Defamation” is used to “’seal lips.”  It is also evidence of a “militant, black person” speaking out on behalf of his or her people.  It is no surprise that “militant, black leaders” have been victims in “seditious libel” lawsuits.


            Similarly, “seditious libel,” in this country, dates back to President Thomas Jefferson and his “First Lady,” Sally Hemings, who newspaper publisher James Callender referred to as “dusky Sally.”  Callender sought to expose Jefferson.  The public believed that Jefferson kept a “slave concubine” in the White House.  Callender would “drown” in three feet of water.  Jefferson forbade a “cause and effect” examination.


            Evidence existed that Jefferson was not free of black blood even though he had the audacity to pen Notes on the State of Virginia.  In the interim, Pennsylvania passed legislation, in 1780, to abolish slavery, “gradually,” while establishing a state-wide prison-industrial complex and creating the “legal fiction”:  everyone is “presumed to know the law.”  This is a class action.


            Brown v. Board of Education, 347 U.S. 483 (1954) contained the “good news.” The second opinion, Brown v. Board of Education, 349 U.S. 294 (1955), contained the “bad news.”  Presidents typically speak of the first “One Hundred Days.” Blacks should review the first One Hundred Years after “gradual emancipation in Pennsylvania.”


            As this country chooses between “Al Capone” and “Ma Barker” for the “White House,” crime is, as it has always been, a staple in presidential politics.  Study the “cause and effect” of the “Alexander Hamilton-Aaron Burr duel.”  Racism is as American as “cherry pie.”  White supremacy will out-last the Republic.  “History tells no lies.”


            Even though Thomas Jefferson, in his Notes on Virginia, depicted blacks as “inferior beings,” he not only was “shacking up” with a “black, female slave” but he also saved “urban planning” for the nation’s capital by appointing Benjamin Banneker to complete it.  Pierre Charles L’Enfant picked up his marbles and returned to France.


            Before we go forward, we must go backwards and, especially, in examining the “gap” in our history –slavery.  This “gap” has also been missed in the presidential debates. This “gap” makes it impossible for blacks to participate in the “presidential sweepstakes.”  It is like putting on a blindfold and striking at a piñata.


            From April 30, 1789 1801 to March 4, 1809, there were “untold crimes” in the White House to keep Hollywood afloat for the next one thousand years.  For blacks, it is a simple axiom.  “Those who fail to learn from the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them.”  Avoidance should be our goals in freeing ourselves of falsehoods, “red herrings,” “half-truths” and “legal fictions.”


            Until blacks rid themselves of “bad reputations” and “bad habits,” they will never achieve black solidarity or more importantly, black unity.  Justice John Harlan, in Civil Rights Cases, 109 U.S. 3 (1883), referred to “bad habits” as “badges of slavery.”  Blacks must challenge them forthwith.


            Since black males gained “the right to vote” in 1870, under the Fifteenth Amendment, no black legislator has ever made the effort to enact legislation allowing for a cause of action entailing “constitutional defamation.”  This lack of legislation allows predators unlimited access to the prey.  Zoos have cages.  This is the origin of the “separate but equal” doctrine.


            A “bad reputation” makes it difficult, if not impossible, for any person to transverse these roads, highways, and streets safely.  This regurgitates the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 which was enforced against Tawana Brawley in Virginia with complicity from New York in derogation of CPLR § 5304 et. seq. and Article IV,

  • 1 of the United States Constitution.


            “Negro logic” has led me to declare Hon. Elijah Muhammad as the “smartest man” in my lifetime.  Negroes ignore “cause and effect.”  Accordingly, a “magic wand” produced Min. Malcolm X and Min. Louis Farrakhan as the smartest and courageous militants in our lifetime.  Hon. Elijah Mohammad was “a figment of our imagination.”


            Mr. Muhammad described Negroes as “deaf, dumb and blind” and as “the walking dead.”  “Deaf, dumb and blind” meant that we lack dog senses –smell, sight and hearing.  Regarding listening, Dr. John Henrik Clarke was in agreement.  More importantly, too many descendants of enslaved Africans lack “survival instincts” and “survival skills.”


            My beliefs about my people were formed in Coweta County, GA.  I give thanks to my parents for having the “insight” and “foresight” to “flee” Michigan immediately after my birth in 1945.  Gov. Eugene Talmadge of Georgia, an arch-segregationist, would give me the “survival skills” necessary to flirt with and survive white supremacy.



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