“Plantation Politics” vs. Regional Politics ©

    Insanity occurs when a person repeatedly engages in the same conduct and expects a different result.  This describes the political behavior of Blacks in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.  For starters, Blacks in each state are overwhelmingly enrolled in the Democratic Party.

            To make matters worse, Blacks refuse to form a wing of the Democratic Party. Without occupying a progressive wing of the Democratic Party, Blacks are giving white rulers of the Democratic Party a blank check.  In short, Blacks are willing to unconditionally endorse their own political oppression and to allow whites to select their political representatives.

            This does not happen with white voters who refuse to fly wingless.  The Republican Party has white wings.  The Tea Party and the Libertarian Party are occupants in the wings of the Republican Party.  Now, it seems as though the tail is wagging the dog.  Like the “separation of powers” doctrine, there must be “checks and balances” in a two-party system.

            It starts with recognizing that politics has a political cycle and a political timetable. The political cycle is every four years.  Inside of each cycle is a political timetable.  There are four timetables.  Each timetable starts in January and ends in December. There are strategies and tactics in each political timetable.

            For example, the political timetable for New York City started in January 2013. Blacks in New York City intend to set their alarm clocks for September 10, 2013 when it is too late to do anything except to vote for white choices on the ballot.  This is “plantation politics”.  Whites select our representatives.  We elect them.

            To be an effective player in politics, Blacks must form a political party which is compatible with their political philosophy.  The Democratic Party supported slavery.  The Republican Party could live with slavery if the Union could be saved.  Philosophically, neither party is compatible with the views of most Blacks.

            Freedom Party was not founded to be an appendage of the Democratic Party.  A political party which is not formed to be a political appendage of either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party is a threat to the two-party system.  This explains the political opposition to the Freedom Party.

            While Blacks have been unable to unite in a single neighborhood in the tri-state, whites have dismantled borders in the Eastern Seaboard.  “Petty politics” is of no moment in either the Middle-Atlantic states or the Northeast.  Whites initially started “regional government” with New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

            Now, Mayor Michael Bloomberg controls the entire region from Maine to the District of Columbia.  He controls all of the Black mayors including Mayor Corey Booker of Newark, New Jersey who he intends to send to the U.S. Senate while grooming the next mayor of Newark.  New Jersey is one of Bloomberg’s colonies.

            He is having difficulty penetrating the “Cotton Curtain”, however.  There is a natural bias against him in the South.  Also, Virginia is the national headquarters of the National Rifle Association. Bloomberg is working on shifting the goalposts in Virginia.  Without Blacks honoring principles of organization, whites in the South have no chance of stopping this onslaught.

            For the “movers and shakers” in the tri-state who are independent of “plantation politics”, there will be a breakfast, business meeting at the Cotton Club, 656 West 125th Street in Harlem on Saturday, February 23, 2013 at 9:00 a.m.  This is for “members only”.  Blacks must seize the airwaves and start a political timetable to formulate a regional political convention and a Black agenda in 2013.

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