Nine Lives: A Legal Charade in Charleston ©

              State v. Dylann “Storm” Roof jumped off to a rocky start on Friday afternoon in Charleston, SC.  Instead of nine indictments, there was only a bond hearing.  The nine statements that relatives gave to the Court on Friday afternoon as “puff pieces” could have been given under oath on Friday morning to secure indictments.  This case started with “forgiveness,” by the victims, even though Roof adheres, unwaveringly and unapologetically, to his racist beliefs and actions.

            White supremacists are bilingual. They only speak “legalese” and “military science.”  This means that any black audience needs aninterpreter.  Otherwise, blacks will never see the judicial irregularities which were pervasive on Friday afternoon through their own untrained eyes and ears.  CNN and MSNBC refuse to employ legal interpreters.  There should have also beenlegal study at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

            Magistrate James Gosnell was comfortable presiding at this kangaroo hearing.  He would instruct the public that there were victims on both sides. Blacks must respect the Confederate States of America.  Roof is a victim because he was unable to flee and get away with nine murders.

 Judge Gosnell became both the judge and the public defender to level the playing field.  The question is which administrative judge would allow this magistrate, who routinely uses “nigger,” in the courtroom, to preside over this proceeding. This is how a racist jurist is permitted to instruct the jury.  Blacks must also employ a person who is proficient in legal tricknology.

            Preachers like Calvin O. Butts, Herbert Daughtry, and Al Sharpton only brought confusion to this kangaroo proceeding.  They refused to explain that South Carolina’s slave code was elevated over the Bible and that when the crime scene, Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, was established in 1822, it was a crime for “slaves” to worship.  There was also a direct connection between the colony of South Carolina and the colony of New Amsterdam.

            Medgar Evers is one of my favorite ancestors.  I sought to honor him on May 1, 2015 by filing a “Petition to Deny” in the FCC to challenge censorship and arts and entertainment programming on WABC-TV and do a bait-and-switch from “Like It Is” to “Here and Now.”  The Steering Committee of the Freedom Party wittingly dropped the ball.  It is shameful.

          This fumble will not only affect Glenda and Tawana Brawley but also Mother Sybil Williams Clarke.  We have no ethics.  The lack of the acronym HELP amounts to mentacide and genocide.  The clock is ticking on WABC-TV’s unopened envelope.  This is a time bomb.  It will become a poison pill in this FCC proceeding.


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