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Before the investors in the United States met in an undisclosed location to ascertain the 45th president of the United States, I was seeking for blacks to convene a planning conference on October 3, 2015, the fiftieth anniversary of the Immigration Act of 1965 at Galbraith A.M.E. Zion Church in the nation’s capital.

Before the trial of the six, police officers in Baltimore, MD for the state-sponsored murder of Freddie Gray, I predicted that all six police officers would be acquitted on all charges.  This was after Maryland State Attorney Marilyn Mosby had made a pre-emptive strike which left the police union “crying foul.”

On October 3, 2015, Dr. Francis Cress Welsing and my Howard University classmate, Joseph Griffith, appeared to be in the “best of health.”  Both have, now, made their transition and their bodies have been “cremated.”  Our people seem to be unaware of “cause and effect.”

Political and legal forecasting, under American jurisprudence, should not be in “our” repertoire.  Instead, they prefer us to be “glueless and clueless.”  Even in our own minds, forecasting is a “white man’s tool.”  It has been difficult for me to accept my place.  I have always stuck out like a sore thumb.  Who wants to be with a “Negro” who is unable to accept his place?

When Steve Cokely and I were given an ultimatum relating to the Million [Man] March in 1995, we chose ethics.  We loved Dr. Khallid Muhammad and he would not be thrown under the bus.  On the eve of the Million [Man] March, Steve Cokely and I were the only two “black militants” to appear with Khallid at a local high school in the District of Columbia.  It was aired on C-Span.

The next day, I did attend the “Million [Man] March” but I chose to keep my distance from the speaker’s circle.  There were definitely two million men in appearance.  In legalese, it was a “cold bench.”  When the collection plate was passed, I noticed every black man, near me, throw hundred dollar bills in it.

Before she made her transition, Queen Mother Moore joined Rev. Charles Kenyatta, Rev. Timothy Mitchell and Delores Green, a parent, et. al., in protesting the closing of a junior high school in Harlem, Cooper Junior High, which ranked in the “top ten” in New York City.

The “Gang of Four,” in Harlem, was in accord with the closing.  I filed a federal, civil rights complaint and was given a “pink slip.”  This did not deter me.  I started practicing law out of the “trunk of my car” until I could raise enough money to be in the “bosom” of the enemy.

Since “disorganized blacks” provide the balance of power, in American politics, this should be our last “rigged election.”  This was the basis for the “High Court” decision in Scott v. Sandford, 19 How. ( 60 U.S.) 393 (1857).  I will continue to repeat it until all blacks demonstrate a knowledge of Dred Scott.  It should be taught in the first grade like black children are taught the “Pledge of Allegiance.”

It is too late, in the day, for blacks to “keep doing the same thing” and “expecting a different result.”  This is my “new policy” and it is not “personal.”  It is “business.”  Any person who refuses to listen to the “truth” should never call my number again.  There will be no return call.

The controlling list will be made from those in attendance at the Cotton Club.  The video/audio-tapes, recorded at the Slave Theater from 1988 to 2008, should be free, as is WWW.UNIVERSITYOFALTONMADDOX.COM.  I personally paid for the forums, at the Slave Theater for twenty years, for it not to be a “chitlin-circuit operation.”  These tapes belong to my website.  “To be the boss, you must pay the cost.”

For all those in attendance, on Saturday, at the Cotton Club, please bring a clipboard, pen and pad in addition to a copy of the U.S. Constitution, the controlling rules of the United States. The “framers” had one eye on “special interest groups” and the other eye on “pressure groups.”

An all-day correspondence class will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 22, 2016 at the Cotton Club, 656 West 125th Street in Harlem.  Included in the course fee of $125.00 are “missiles” as a correspondence text, and an African-centered lecture, on law and politics.  It is guaranteed to be, unavailable, at Harvard University School of Law, Howard University School of law and JFK School of Government at Harvard University.

Advanced payment  is strongly encouraged. (FIFO)

E-mail TNAHSA@AOL.COM to reserve a seat. Limited space.



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