Mid-term “Orientation” Examination



  1. A Search for the Truth
  2. Cross-Examination
  3. Debate
  1. Right to Petition
  2. Lobbying
  3. Letters
  4. Phone Calls


  1. Publications
  2. Compromise of 2017
  3. Blueprint for Black Power
  4. Unprecedented
  5. Computer Forensics (websites)


  1. Attorney General’s Opinion
  2. War Powers
  3. Executive Order
  4. Executive Proclamation
  5. Pardons


  1. Elements of a Plan
  2. Demands
  3. Timetable
  4. Strategy
  5. Tactics


  1. Seven Principles (Nguzo Saba) of Kwanzaa
  2. Umoja (Unity)
  3. Kujichagulia (Self-Determination)
  4. Ujima (Collective work and responsibility)
  5. Ujamaa (Collective economics)
  6. Nia (Purpose)
  7. Kuumba (Creativity)
  8. Imani (Faith)


  1. Military Formations
  2. Political Duopoly
  3. Special Interest
  4. Congressional Black Caucus
  5. Racially-diverse State Caucuses
  6. Racially-diverse Municipal Caucuses
  7. National Bar Association
  8. National Conference of Black Lawyers
  9. Puerto Rican Legal Defense Fund
  10. Congressional Hispanic Caucus
  11. Organized Labor
  12. Organized Religion
  13. One Hundred Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care
  14. NOBLE
  15. COBA
  16. Guardian Association
  17. Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations
  18.   Operation Push
  19.   Freedom Party
  20.   Nation of Islam
  21.   National Action Network
  22. Public Pressure
  23. Activist Organizations
  24. Black Press
  25. Fraternities
  26. Sororities
  27. United African Movement
  28. December 12th Movement


  1. Planning Committee


  1. Coordinating Committee


  1. Recruitment Committee


  1. Ethics Committee


The black community has to employ “dog sense.”  The person best-suited for the job should get it.  Leaders must be “energetic.”  The “Council of Elders” must be wise, battle-tested and fearless.  The black community must protect its leadership.  It must not suffer from a “divided” loyalty.  The community must recognize its “friends” and defend against its “enemies.”  Blacks should never “finance and endorse” their own oppression.  Only organized resistance can withstand “racism and fascism.”


Sociological Jurisprudence Plus “Slave Code” = A Slave


I have been practicing law for forty-three years and I am still searching for a black person who understands Dred Scott on all points.  Blacks confuse the dictumin Dred Scott with the philosophy of white supremacy which guides both Donald “Let’s Make A Deal” Trump and Dylann “I Killed Blacks” Roof.


Chief Justice Roger Taney advised whites to only pursue “class actions” against blacks. Whites will never embrace $ilver rites; that is “hush money.”  The big picture is “racial superiority.”  Dylann Roof should be “commended,” by white supremacists, for being a “pawn.” He is sacrificing himself for the “white race” and the mostly, racist, South Carolina delegation in Congress.


To match Roof, the question is whether blacks can sacrifice themselves for their children.  This did not happen in “Central Park 7” or in Tawana Brawley.  In the “Central Park 7,” blacks chose to mitigate the damages of white supremacists from “8” to “5.”  Blacks, who say “Central Park 5,” are embracing the “Three-fifths Provision” of the U.S. Constitution.


I have outlined a plan to survive Exodus 11:5.  Legalese refers to it as “primogeniture.”  The ancient Greeks defined a “barbarian” as anyone who uses a language different from the dominant class.  Trump embraces this definition. I had no other choice but to keep blacks away from the witness stand and “win difficult and impossible cases” with my own legal and office funds.  “Living large” was out the question.


There was never even a “token of appreciation” from any black, pro bono, defendant for putting all of the weight of this defendant on my “physical and financial back.”  This behavior demonstrates a “loss of humanity.”  The Bill of Rights is based on “human rights.” Under a Bill of Rights, the question is “not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt” but whether the white defendant can return to the white community.


Whites actually practice the Nguzo Saba.  It is only a “ritual” for most blacks.  Blacks will never be able to challenge white supremacy until their knowledge of their own history and culture is “actualized.”  The Nguzo Saba is an “equalizer.”  The United States required, mostly, “capitalism,” and not “socialism.” Parasites, termites and parrots are unwanted in the building of a community.


Even though the decision in Tennessee v. Garner, 471 U.S. 1, (1985) held it “unconstitutional” for a police officer to shoot a “fleeing felon,” in the back, a jury of eleven whites and one black foreman were not disposed to “convict’ a white police officer, Michael Slager, for shooting Scott in the back.  It was “video-taped.” Scott’s estate had already received “hush money.”


If a black police officer had shot a “white felon” in the back, a black jury would have summarily convicted the black police officer for murder.  Blacks believe in a “Bill of Rites,” for blacks, because they have lost their “humanity” amid slavery. No “orientation” happened in 1863.  This was a” benefit” to chattel slavery.  Blacks had to use the “last names” of their slavemasters. This was not self-determination.


No one can explain to Donald Trump how a “people” can justify sacrificing their children.  Trump does have “white,” family values.  He agrees with Taney that “rights are commensurate with responsibilities.”  The United States is a “conglomerate” with fifty subsidiaries.  There are no “free rides” or pro bonorepresentation under capitalism.  Whites practice “Ujima.”


I have done virtually everything for blacks to defend their children over the next four years.  The missing ingredients are “basic training” and a “war chest.”  So far, blacks have refused to make any “investments” in their children or in the defense of children.  They “beg for what they need” and “buy what they want.” This means that blacks and their children will get everything that is coming to them from Trump.


No one, with intelligence, is going to the nation’s capital with a “magic wand” to march around the “Mulberry Bush” and expect Donald Trump to get the “African Holy Ghost.”  It is even worse when an “ecclesiastical pimp” is leading the “flock” and especially when the “pimp” is a “tenant” in Trump Towers and is “living large.”


Donald Trump’s strong suit is “ethics.”  He considers our children as “waste.”  An “incinerator” is needed for waste. Under natural law, “predators” are authorized to track down its “prey.”  Natural law provides the “basis” for the adult prosecution of children under eighteen years of age.  This, nonetheless, is a “human rights violation.”  It should be of “grave concern” to all activists.


Robert Morgenthau, in the presence of C. Vernon Mason, Rev. Calvin O. Butts and, now, Brooklyn Federal Judge Sterling Johnson stated that Negroes, in New York, were “comfortable” with the adult prosecution of children until I came to New York.  His “admission” was surprising.


It meant, to me that blacks, in New York, were afraid of fighting for human rights.  In 1994, the Freedom Party was formed to fight for children.  I have received “scant support” but dogged opposition in New York for standing up for black and Latino children. A political party is necessary to combat “unjust laws” and enact “remedial legislation.” I am also the “architect” of Freedom Retreat for Boys and Girls.


If blacks, in New York, were “politically conscious” P.O. Richard Haste of the New York Police Department, would already be imprisoned for breaking into the Bronx home of Ramarley Graham, an unarmed, teen-ager, without a warrant, and “murdering him.”  Unfortunately, a political party must be a conglomeration of persons.”  Wolves, dressed in sheep’s clothing, maintain that their job is to keep me in check.  Haste has gotten away with murder.


I am not proud to mix with “Negroes.”  It would be “false pride” and not “racial pride.”  Like in playing cards, I must play the “hand” that I was dealt or go AWOL.  To be certain, the Creator has a “master plan.”  I am elated to be given the challenge.  It defines “Who I Am.”


It should be observed that I am a “risk-taker.”  When it comes to “risk-takers,” blacks, historically, have been “unethical” to them.  “White fear” which arises out of the slave codes, has super-glued “King Kongs” with gorilla glue.  This “fear” arose out of the slave codes and was exploited by Hollywood.


The goal, of all blacks, should be to promote “ethics” and “erase” all racial stereotypes.  Trump expects blacks to maintain the “status quo.”  This is a “strategic move” like my pre-emptive strike in “Central Park 7.”  Being a student of history, my role is to preserve the “Civil Rights Movement” and expand the mission to “human rights.”



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