To:   “The More the Merrier”

From:   Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

Re:    Business and Political Literacy 101

date:    March 21, 2016



If a state dispensed with the need for a medical education to become a doctor and, instead, permitted butchers to conduct surgery on human beings, it would not necessarily mean that medical care would be improved for the poor.  Many patients would look on the wall of an operating room and see a butcher’s diploma from a vocational school and jump off the operating table and run for dear life.


This happened to political literacy.  President Lyndon B. Johnson dispensed with the need for political education.  Kwame Ture, in his last words to me, noted the need for blacks to have apolitical education.  Ture was a member of SNCC and not “Black Lives Matter.”  There is a vast difference.  Ture has made his transition and Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin is in a federal prison, and not in a state prison, due to a “bait and switch.”


Johnson’s edict did not mean that plutocrats would dispense with plotting against the poor and the politically gullible.  The Supreme Court penned Citizens United v. Holder.  This opened the door for a Donald Trump getting the keys to the White House and pushing Stanford v. Kentucky, by the Supreme Court as a way of disposing of the “Central Park 7.”


While too many blacks and Latinos were running away from the “Central Park 7,” I had to face the “High Sheriff of Wall Street” and the “White Knight” with no war chest and with no one standing behind me to protect my back.  Instead, blacks were running for the tall grass.  Wall Street was able to take down six of seven youth with no proof.  Blacks had not learned anything from the Scottsboro Boys Case.


On the witness stand, a witness may use anything including a “ham sandwich” to refresh one’s recollection.  No democracy existed in Africa when we were kidnapped.  We gave great deference to a gerontocracy in Africa.  I have attached an article from the New York Times by David Brooks entitled “Schools for Wisdom,” dated October 16, 2015.


Fruit does not fall far from the tree.  Former Sen. Joseph Biden, a Democrat, proposed mass incarceration for blacks and Latinos.  Former President Bill Clinton penned an ominous crime bill. Blacks are unable to see a conspiracy.  “Guilt by association is meaningless.  Blacks are deliveringpolitical landslides to Hillary Clinton.  It is called endorsing one’s own oppression.


“Those who fail to learn from the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them.”  This is the lesson that blacks should have learned from SNCC.  Whites have an obligation to rid their communities of racism and stop interfering with the affairs of our communities.  Otherwise, any racial coalition involving whites and blacks is unworkable.  This also applies to Hillary Clinton.


Hillary Clinton is not the answer to “mass incarceration.”  After having waved her magic wand, blacks are still headed to prison wholesale.  Every inmate is the victim of legal malpractice. Law schools were built for Wall Street.  No need exists for descendants of enslaved Africans to enjoy competent and zealous representation.


When law schools were established, we were in chains and picking cotton on the plantation. There is only one basic rule on the plantation:  Dred Scott.  Statistical proof exists that racism exists in the judicial system but the Supreme Court in McCleskey v. Kemp held that statistical proof of judicial racism is insufficient to prove a constitutional violation.


Time is of the essence.  Hopefully, the Steering Committee of the Freedom Party will submit their answers to the quiz that follows by noontime on Wednesday, March 23, 2016 and, afterwards, to discuss the need for political education.  Politically, “a mind is a terrible thing to waste.”


The Freedom Party was founded in 1994 to be a watchdog for the black community and not a lapdog for white supremacists.  Philosophically, neither the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party is suited to represent blacks.  Currently, this political duopoly violates the spirit of anti-trust laws.


Quiz – Political and Business Literacy 101©


  1. __________________________  __________________ influenced investments in the international slave trade.


  1. The Republican Party and the Democratic Party constitute a ____________________________.


  1. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing was opposing a _________________ in her D.C. neighborhood.


  1. The Democratic Party, business-wise, is a _________________________________ _________________.


  1. The First Amendment requires separation of church and state.Plessy v. Fergusonrequired under the _______________   __________________ separation of the races.  This is __________  ________.


  1. Political orientation is supposed to provide a “______________” over troubled waters.


  1. The special interest groups for Donald Trump in the “Central Park 7” were the __________ ________ anda _________________  ___________.


  1. In 1951 in Atlanta, GA at the annual NAACP Convention, his reading of the lynching of Mary Turner made _____________ ______________ a human rights activist for life.


  1. The following revered ancestors made these contributions to HELP

(a)  History: ________________________________________

(b) Ethics:  _________________________________________

(c) Logic:  __________________________________________

(d) Philosophy:  _____________________________________


  1. A true activist will invariably be assassinated, incarcerated, disciplined, sued for defamation, prosecuted, severely brutalized or penalized before his or her fortieth birthday.Examples include:

(a) __________________________________________

(b) __________________________________________

(c) ___________________________________________

(d) ___________________________________________


  1. Pagones v. Maddox, Mason, Sharpton and Brawley represented a bait and switch from ___________________ to _____________________ ______________________.


  1. The first step to suing an estate for enslaving descendants of enslaved Africans is to inspect the __________________________________ in the county courthouse.


  1. Because of a lack of ____________ in UAM and the lack of a _______ __________, Maddox represented Al Sharpton pro bono in ____________________________________ .


  1. This honors graduate of Harvard University and critic of President Barack Obama is _______________ _____________ who precipitated Southgate v. Maddox et. ano.


  1. People v. Maddox arose out of his involvement in the state-sponsored death of __________________ __________________.


  1. The lips of ___________________________________________ remain unsealed after the litigation in Pagones v. Maddox, Mason, Sharpton and Brawley.


  1. A ____________  ___________ ______  _____________________ filed by four public officials inMatter of Maddox in violation of Art. 1., sec. 10, cl. 1 nullified this above-referenced attorney’s disciplinary proceeding.


  1. Assets minus ____________________ona _______________  ____________equals __________ ___________.


  1. According to Matter of Maddox, the interim suspension ended on August 1, 1994 and the definite suspension should have ended on ___________ ____, _________.


  1. The privilege to practice law belongs to the _________________ and the right to legal representation belongs to the ________________.


  1. ___________________ ___________________ was UAM’s second videographer at the Slave Theater.


  1. The name of the landlord of Alton Maddox at 16 Court Street in Brooklyn from 1988 to 2008 was ________________ ___________.  ___  ___  ________________ refused to renew the lease.
  2. _____________________________________________ was also personally liable for all UAM’s office expenses for twenty years.


  1. After _________________  ______________ knocked on the wrong door, talked to the wrong people and asked the wrong questions, ________________ _______________ petitioned the Public Works Committee of the House of Representatives to save the ________________ ______________________  ______________________.


  1. United African Movement almost single-handedly stopped the execution of ___________________________ which was ordered by Judge Albert Sabo for August 17, 1995.


  1. From August 17, 1988 to the present, Alton Maddox has received___________ wages intoto from United African Movement, Freedom Party and Freedom Retreat for Boys and Girls. Is this (a) involuntary slavery or (b) voluntary slavery? _________  _________


  1. For filing a __________________ ___ __________ in the FCC to preserve the legacy of Gil Noble and “Like It Is” UAM and Freedom Party contributed ___________ to the filing.


  1. In 1991, Maddox initiated a monthly meeting on every __________ Saturday, three _____________________ __________________ and an annual __________________.


  1. Name the three initial attorneys for United African Movement:

(a) _____________ _______________

(b) ________________  ______________

(c)  ____  _________________  _______________


  1. Name the initial spokesperson for UAM:______ __________________.


  1. With the exception of James Anthony and “_________________  ______________ _______________,” Alton Maddox is totally responsible for the publications of the house organs of Freedom Party and United African Movement.


  1. Neither the ________________________________ nor the _____________________  ____________ provides a house organ for black voters.


  1. The house organs of United African Movement and Freedom Party which are published by _______________ ____________ provide the following:


(a) Political __________ (HELP)

(b) __________ Education

(c) ___________ Education


  1. The home of _________________ and _________________________________ was dynamited with them in it on Christmas Day 1951 in Mims, FL.


  1. The Constitutional basis for the Civil Rights Act of 1965 is which of the following?

(a) ______________ Amendment

(b) ______________ Amendment

(c) ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­______________ Clause

(d) None of the above


  1. NYS Assistant Attorney General _______________ ________________filed a memorandum inMaddox v. Prudenti et. al. in Brooklyn Federal Court stating that Alton Maddox had been disbarred from the practice of law. This is a false declaration and a crime.


  1. The Appellate Division:Second Department filed an order dated August 1, 19949 inMatter of Maddox which stated in violation of PL § 175.25 that Alton Maddox did not have a “___________  _________________  _____________.”


  1. ____________________________, formerly of KISS-FM said on the air in New York City that white advertisers told commercial radio stations that Alton Maddox will be censored “or else.”


  1. Alton Maddox et. al. On October 3, 2015 at Galbraith AME Zion Church in Washington, DC and without a war chest called for Blacks to support a ___________ ______________ _____________  ___________________ _______________________ on the notion that “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  No other group has called for a ___________  ______________ _____________  ___________________ _______________________.


  1. United African Movement holds its annual dinner-dance at the Cotton Club in Harlem on MLK Weekend in honor of this Cuban revolutionary:____________________ __________________.


  1. An ___________________________________ fights for and loves his or her people.


42..  It is _____________________ for a racial group not to stick together.


  1. _______________ is “Rice First” especially since Dred Scott is a _____________ ______________.


  1. By 1912, _____________________ ____________________ had become known as the “people’s attorney,” nationally, because he fought for and loved his people, Jews.On the other hand,________________   __________________ is known as the “people’s attorney general.”


  1. __________________ _______________________ became the first Italian member of the Supreme Court after Congress concluded that the spirit of the “Godfather” no longer existed among Italians in the United States.


  1. On December 12, 1987 activists, nationwide, including Min. Louis Farrakhan, met in Newburgh, NY to discuss support for victims of racially-motivated violence.At the end of the day, this amount of funds were in the collection plate; _________.


  1. In 1994, statewide activists met at National Action Network headquarters in Harlem to discuss the feasibility of forming a third party.The collection plate was passed.  The total of this collection was ______ ________.


  1. In defense of Chokwe Lumumba’s right to practice law pro hac vice in New York to defend the Black Liberation Army, ______ ________ was collected for the war chest.


  1. On behalf of Dr. John Henrik Clarke and Dr. Yosef ben Yochannan to “Save the Schomburg,” ______ _______ was collected for a legal defense fund.


  1. _____________ has been collected to stop the judicial harassment of Alton Maddox in New York in retaliation for his pro bono representation of blacks, the poor and the downtrodden.
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