Mayoral Control of Schools

To:  Sis. Anna-Maria Thomas

            2013 Candidate for Brooklyn Borough President (Freedom Party)

From:  Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

Re:  Mayoral Control of Schools

Date:   October 25, 2013

            I was pleased to hear from you on an important issue; that is, mayoral control of schools.  As you should know, I have already demonstrated my unwavering support for community control of schools and against mayoral control which not only disenfranchises parents but also promotes “white paternalism”. This causes irreparable harm to the minds and hearts of our children and it affects them, negatively, for the rest of their lives.  We must find a cure.

            Unfortunately, a political party is separate and distinct from a political campaign.  A political party usually refuses to interfere with a political campaign. The voters will vet a campaign and make their own decisions.  I can only hope that the Greys’ campaign will prepare “position papers” for the voters especially since candidates of the Freedom Party, among other “minor” parties, lack access to the airwaves and to Black publications. 

            To be fair to both Michael Greys, candidate for mayor, and Michael Lloyd, candidate for public advocate, the Freedom Party is grateful that they both took on the task of running for public office in New York City in 2013 and their names will appear on the ballot for the 2013 General Election.  They were told, however, that they could exercise the right to remain silent otherwise. 

            It is unprecedented for a Black-led and Black-financed political party to be on the ballot for the General Election in New York City. Among other things, it allows historically-oppressed persons to invest some of their political capital into the Freedom Party as political insurance over the next four years.  This group has been double-crossed in the past.  No reason exists to believe that history will not repeat itself.

            To enjoy enlightenment in this area, I would suggest that you read two recent articles that I have penned for our community.  They are entitled “New York in Black [Pain] and White [Prosperity]” in addition to “The only Bass Voice in New York City”.  They were written to enlighten voters in New York City.

            I will also be doing a workshop on political education and critical thinking on Saturday, November 2, 2013.  This workshop will enable voters to make “strategic decisions” on November 5.  This will be an unprecedented approach to the ballot box and it has been endorsed by our revered ancestors.  We must complete their “unfinished business“.

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