Mason Opened the Door for Thompson ©


            The most important meeting, for blacks in New York, happened over three decades ago at the World Trade Center.  This meeting would give New York a major “jolt.”  It was designed to dismantle the “compromise” provision of the Thirteenth Amendment which had created the prison-industrial complex.

            This impromptu meeting arose out of meeting, the same day, with New York County District Attorney Robert Morgenthau who had refused to convene a good–faith grand jury to investigate the state-sponsored death of Michael Stewart. Chief Medical Examiner Elliot Gross had bleached Stewart’s eyes and classified his death as “natural.”

            Apparently, New York was unaware of my background.  I had embraced the notion of “continuing education” for attorneys before it became a condition for maintaining a law license.  Thus, I had already attended a month-long seminar in “trial practice” at University of Colorado and a week-long seminar on “scientific evidence” at Northwestern University, at my expense.

 Black lawyers had typically refused to enroll, voluntarily, in “continuing education” courses.  Our ancestors were hampered by a lack of an “orientation” and “remedial education.”  Accordingly, blacks have never been afforded the same equal opportunities as were accorded by a white supremacist system.  This is a matter of “cause and effect.”

            I had already been given an “orientation” on this country’s economic system. Capitalism includes competition.  Blacks must “whip” whites at their own game.  While at Howard University, as an undergraduate student, I would attend many civil rights conferences and converse with many of the foremost, civil rights attorneys in the United States. 

It is important for black students to have “positive role models.” “Role models” were available for the late Ken Thompson.  The New York Post had “warned” the New York Legislature about young activist lawyers emulating their elders.  Michael Stewart, Howard Beach, Bensonhurst and Tawana Brawley created the atmosphere for Thompson.

            The classification of a death as a “homicide” is important to establishing probable cause.  See the “retaliatory prosecution” of Ramsey Orta.  There had to be reforms in New York City’s Office of Medical Examiner.  An assault on the five, district attorney offices in New York City was also necessary to undermine the Thirteenth Amendment.  It would start, in 1984, with demands made on Gov. Mario Cuomo starting at the World Trade Center.

            A large group of black activists left Morgenthau’s office and headed to Gov. Cuomo’s office at the World Trade Center.  No black selected official was present.  When this large group of descendants of enslaved Africans, assembled at this venue, New York dusted off its slave code.  This group constituted an “unlawful assembly.”  Law enforcement officials:  “leave or suffer an arrest!”

            This group was led by at least five, determined lawyers.  These lawyers were aware of the “doctrine of preferred freedoms.”  New York’s criminal justice system was not only racist but it was also corrupt.  Our love for our people exceeded our obedience to “Jedburgh justice” and obedience to “Judge Lynch.” 

            This country still continues to operate a “dual system” of justice despite Brown v. Bd. of Education.  Noah Webster and John Dewey played critical roles in cementing white supremacy.  Blacks have no similar systems of definitions (“critical thinking”) and classifications (“cause and effect”).

            The lack of these systems is “wreaking havoc” on the black community.  To make matters worse, many descendants of enslaved Africans have no interest in “orientation,” “remedial education” or “continuing education” especially since we fled the plantation with “bad reputations” and “bad habits.”

            It would be tragic if the person, who was a co-contractor for a black district attorney in New York City, was unable to deliver a eulogy.  For his role in paving the way for Ken Thompson, C. Vernon Mason is paying a “heavy price.”  New York retaliated against two of those lawyers.  New York will not allow for another Thompson if blacks remain silent.

                  On the other hand, New York allows for rapists to practice law.   Call the Office of Court Administration (212-428-2150) for a list of rapists who are still practicing law in New York.  Persons, nationwide, have a “right to know” of these “rogue” attorneys.  Ask about Steven Pagones who raped Tawana Brawley as found by a “jury of his peers.”  This is worse than Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

              In New York, it is illegal to “blow a whistle” on a well-connected, white man like former Governor Eliot Spitzer, attorney Sanford Rubenstein, attorney Steven Pagones or Donald Trump.  The late Ken Thompson had to pay the price for “blowing the whistle” on Dominque Straus-Khan.  The story about Thompson having cancer is a “fish story.” While a U.S. Senator, Clinton never complained about white men raping black women in New York with impunity.


See “Fill-in-the-blanks”


Anyone who is unable to fill-in the blanks sua  sponte and correctly of the above-cited “fill-in-the-blanks” is unfit to serve on an executive committee of an African-oriented, political party based in New York.  This is a mandatory requirement.  Any organization, of whatever stripe, requires competent personnel to be effective.


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