Marcus Garvey: The Great Communicator ©

  Before the advent of radio and television, Marcus Garvey had already perfected the art of mass communications.  By coming to New York, he made the “Empire State”, the “communications capital of the world”.  Through communications, he secured a short-term lease on Madison Square Garden as an international stage.

          Booker T. Washington had impressed Marcus Garvey but he had died before Garvey reached the United States.  In Washington’s place, Garvey met and retained Wilford Horace Smith who had been general counsel to the Universal Negro Improvement Association.  Washington had made Smith his personal attorney and legal strategist to, among other things, wage a secret war against Jim Crow in Alabama.

          Before Garvey was deported to Jamaica in 1927, Congress had just enacted the Radio Act of 1927 which would empower the Federal Radio Commission to supervise broadcasting.  This was a major, administrative and engineering feat and it would become the model for the commercial, and non-commercial broadcasting industry.

          By this time, Garvey had already been communicating to the world without radio.  His delivery system included the Negro World.  This allowed him in 1920 to pack Madison Square Garden with more than twenty-five thousand persons. The NAACP was no more than a “spectator” on the outside.  Its only recourse was to become a “snitch”, a practice which is still in vogue.


          The League of Nations was established in 1919.  By 1920, the Universal Negro Improvement Association had achieved greater success than the League of Nations.  Garvey had attracted millions of followers with his “Back to Africa” movement.  Universal Negro Improvement Association had moved from Jamaica to the United States in 1916.  It had been formed in 1914.

          Garvey would use the Negro World and Liberty Hall in Harlem as his major instruments for mass communications.  There must be Black-led and Black-financed means of communications to deliver ideas to the Black masses. Freedom of speech and freedom of press are key tools in the struggle for liberation.

          Many great Black leaders in the United States have been printers. Garvey was a printer. Today, white supremacists are luring Blacks to believe that a microphone on CNN and MSNBC are equivalent to a Negro World or aMuhammad Speaks.  Whites will never finance our liberation.  CNN and MSNBC are tools of “white faces and Black masks”.

          Unfortunately, most Blacks are unable to distinguish a “Judas goat” from a “Black shepherd” because “Judas goats” are pushing for legislation against all discrimination. Blacks have lost the ability to discriminate and to classify.  This capability is not only against biology but it is also against philosophy.  Blacks are on the road to genocide with “All Wheel Drive”.

          Before 1955, Prof. JoAnn Robinson of Alabama State College had already written the blueprint for the Montgomery Bus Boycott.  This would include a mimeograph machine and an African meeting place.  She only needed a “lead prosecutor”. This honor would be bestowed on Rosa Parks.


          The mimeograph machine was located at Alabama State College.  Whites had established it to nurture our mental oppression. Robinson would use it to finance our liberation.  In the meantime, she converted “houses of worship” to African meeting houses for mass meetings.  Blacks would assemble every Monday and Thursday night.

          Liberty Hall was critical to the Universal Negro Improvement Association like the Slave Theater became necessary for the development of the United African Movement in its defense of Tawana Brawley.  It is no accident that UAM has become, at best, a week-to-week tenant in 2013.

          This is frightening since UAM is the only Black-led and Black-financed organization in New York which meets weekly and is openly opposed to white supremacy including “legitimate rape”.  All other organizations are talking loud and saying nothing amid a program to re-enslave Blacks.

          Wherever Blacks are headed, Tawana Brawley will get there first.  Thanks to a conspiracy between New York and Virginia, Tawana Brawley has become an “indentured servant”.  Her pay is being involuntarily shared with Steven Pagones who not only kidnaped and invaded her “private part” without her consent but since she was a minor, he is also guilty of statutory rape.

          President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are aware that the facts in Tawana Brawley are not subject to dispute; yet, they refuse to act on behalf of Tawana Brawley like they have done in the shootings at “Sandy Hook” and in the bombings in Boston.  In short, they are re-affirming Dred Scott.  Blacks are headed back to the “plantation”.

          UAM intends to make sure that history will not repeat itself.  No Black woman who leads a crusade against an unjust law should be punished for her courage and her love for her people.  This happened to Rosa Parks.  She lost her job.  In return, the Montgomery Improvement Association hired four Black women.  They refused to hire her.

          Parks and her husband, Raymond, had to leave Montgomery.  They landed in Detroit, MI where they received a “thumbs down” greeting.  No one would hire them in Detroit.  Rosa had to flee Detroit for Hampton, VA where she landed a job as a waitress at Hampton Institute.  She and her husband had to live off of her tips.  The same thing could happen to Tawana Brawley.

          Blacks in New York are doing zero to challenge censorship.  If Tawana is to survive this bogus, legal challenge in Virginia, she must gain access to the airwaves.  Up to now, the plug has been pulled on anyone in commercial broadcasting who wishes to discuss Tawana Brawley over the airwaves.  No struggle against injustice can survive without access to the airwaves.  A media rights organization for Blacks is frowned on in the tri-state area.

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