Maddox with Bro. Junior-Jawara on WVIP-FM (93.5)



Like Marcus Garvey, Bro. Junior-Jawara Blake is an entrepreneur and the owner of Vegan’s Delight, 3565 Boston Road in the Bronx.  As a businessman, he is following the model of Mr. Garvey to uplift the race.  Ethics and not religion requires reciprocity.  The slavemaster refused to teach ethics on the plantation. A glueless people is unable to stick together.


No church in New York City sponsors a program on HELP (History Ethics Logic Philosophy).  The knowledge of these disciplines is necessary for racial survival.  Of course, the First Amendment requires a “Separation of Church and State.”  Many black churches don American flags in pulpits.


Dr. Carter G. Woodson the “Father of Black History” in the United States, has penned a classic:  “Mis-education of the Negro.”  This is a must read.  Myths and fallacies are hindrances to “Critical Thinking.”  They started percolating during slavery.  The United States is composed of myriad systems.  Systems analysis requires “Critical Thinking.”


Public affairs programming militates against mentacide.  “Arts and Entertainment,” on the other hand, promotes mentacide.  Bro. Junior-Jawara Blake, host of “Health is Here” WVIP-FM (93.5) has invited me to be his guest on Saturday morning, February 6 at 7:10 a.m. This program will also be streaming


Bro. Blake is preserving the legacies of Gil Noble (public affairs programming and documentaries) and of Medgar Evers who strenuously opposed censorship and who died for his belief.  Unlike white businesses, he is using his business to finance our liberation.  Our support of his business should be crystal clear.


Blacks, in New York, have demonstrated a lack of knowledge of mass communications law.  This is fatal to business law, education and politics.  No media rights organization has ever existed in New York within the meaning of Office of Communications of the United Church of Christ v. Federal Communications Commission, 123 U.S. App. D.C. 328, 359 F.2d 994 (1966).

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