Maddox on “Leid Story” – Monday

            Utrice Leid and Alton Maddox have come full circle in three decades. Thirty years ago, it was Michael Griffith being chased by a white mob in Howard Beach. Thirty years later, it is the same scenario but a different venue and a different victim in a $ilver Rites Movement. Someone has been asleep at the switch.

            In 1986, the demand “or else” was on New York which has the primary responsibility for the protection of black lives. Today, the demand is “only” being made on the federal government which has secondary responsibility for the protection of black lives. No explanation exists for the bait-and-switch.

Thirty years later, “strange fruit” as an “impostor” of Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. is heading the $ilver Rites Movement. This movement is fueled by $ilver rites attorneys who have not shared the black experience and who have been trained to make “millions” off the “pain and suffering” of black captives. Neither the federal government nor a state government recognizes black captives.
            The federal government assassinated Dr. Martin L. King for going from “Montgomery” to “Memphis.” In the meantime, he stepped on the toes of President Lyndon B. Johnson. Dr. King opposed the Vietnam War. The Rockefeller family took notice. The “impostor” is a friend of the Rockefeller family.
             On Mother’s Day 1987, the Washington Post touted Alton Maddox as “Mr. Civil Rights in the Courtroom” after Maddox obtained a special prosecutor, and not an elected prosecutor, in Howard Beach. This was a first in the United States. Maddox would move on to represent Tawana Brawley who was raped by six white men.
            Today, the” impostor’s” lips are sealed on Tawana Brawley. His back is turned to her. His financial backers, including Donald Trump, despise her. Maddox is subject to censorship because of the “impostor’s” constructive control over the airwaves. Utrice Leid had to move into cyberspace. It proves that “treason” pays.
            Maddox asked the Freedom Party to draft a “position paper” and provide a historical analysis of the May 27, 2016 editorial in the New York Times entitled “Move Quickly Against a Rogue D.A.” It shows that New York has only gone from Mario Cuomo to Andrew Cuomo. Mario Cuomo’s legacy is preserved.
            Thirty years ago, the “impostor” was an “attack dog” for Mario Cuomo. Now, he is a “lapdog” for Andrew Cuomo. The legacy of Mario Cuomo is being preserved. Blacks are financing and endorsing their own oppression and the oppression of their children. They constitute the balance of power.
           In the meantime, Maddox was saving the “chameleon” from the reaches of Gov. Mario Cuomo. A sixty-seven count indictment was designed to do the trick. Like in the representation of the Griffith family, the Hawkins family, the “Central Park 7” and Tawana Brawley, Maddox defended the “impostor” from the goodness of his heart.
         After a lifetime ban from the practice of law for twenty-six years, Maddox intends to return to the practice of law, absent pre-approval, with vehement opposition from the “impostor” and Gov. Andrew Cuomo. After the death of Trayvon Martin, Maddox intends to seek class relief against George Zimmerman. Hillary Clinton is using the family of Trayvon Martin for her “personal ambitions.”
         At the very least, Maddox will need to kick-off with a “Committee of 100. “ This will not be the $ilver Rites Movement. This Committee must be a well-trained militia as is permitted under the Second Amendment. The black community has been booby-trapped. A “tell-tale” sign is Flint, MI. We must be trained to avoid minefields.
         Call the Cotton Club (212) 663-7980, immediately for a “seat in the house” on Saturday, June 11, 2016. For writing a house organ, sustaining the professional costs of the Slave Theater for twenty years and representing an untold number of unpopular defendants and causes, pro bono, no one should be surprised that Maddox’s gas tank is empty with few friends. The money trail does not lie.
         This is no way to resume the practice of law. Our people should be quick on the draw. The all-day workshop is minimum wage. It includes written material, an incisive lecture, a proposed national political write-in convention, an online petition and an online library. In short, this is a continuing, correspondence course and it is necessary and priceless.
       I will be addressing these and other current issues affecting the black community on “Leid Story” on Monday, June 6, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. You are invited to listen and participate as follows:
By phone call 401-347-0456
By computer, and go to “listen live”
To listen anytime by podcast, (to access archives)
Call in number: 888-874-4888

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