Letter to Hon. Bobby Scott

      April 16,2015

Hon. Bobby Scott

U.S. House of Representatives

1201 LHOB

Washington, DC  20515


                                    Re:  Black Lives Matter


Dear Cong Scott:

            The Freedom Party is urging all persons of African ancestry to conduct an all-out blitz on Capitol Hill, by any means necessary, to circumvent placing the cart before the horse. At present, all persons of African ancestry are disenfranchised and the Voting Rights Act of 1964 is grounded in the Commerce Clause and not the Fourteenth Amendment.

            Given the history of this nation’s policy on civil rights, each and every “citizen” of the United States should ask Congress to at least re-shuffle the deck.  The cards have always been stacked against descendants of enslaved Africans.  It is too late in the day for descendants of enslaved Africans to be playing with marked cards.   Blacks are being gunned down in the streets with impunity.

            The first issue on the legislative agenda should be to address voting rights.  This nation’s civil rights laws are also insufficient.  With great reluctance, I agreed to represent the estate of Michael Griffith probono in Howard Beach.  This would be a difficult assignment.  My first step was to develop a strategy for preventive justice and secure a special prosecutor. 

       When the dust had cleared in 1989 with the murder of Yusuf Hawkins, Joseph Fama had received a sentence of 33 years to life in 1990 in New York State Supreme Court.  White vigilantism died and blacks could enjoy the right to travel freely throughout New York City. 

       White supremacists understand the cost-benefit analysis.  Wholesale murdering of descendants of enslaved Africans will thrive provided that the benefits exceed the costs. This nation embraces capitalism and capitalism embraces accounting.  In white America, ethics and accounting are synonymous.

            When Congress gets the stomach to address racially-motivated murders, those targeted killings will die a slow death.  Most police agencies are “standing armies.” Weapons of mass destruction have risen from .38 caliber revolvers to .45 semi-automatics. Racism is a mental health issue.  Any addiction should be treated on the spot.  There  must be a racism quotient test administered to all police officers.  They must also be bonded.

            The Congressional Black Caucus must take the lead on Black Lives Matter.  No one is questioning the competency of U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch but she should not be given a firearm loaded with blanks.  It is clear that this is the intent of the current Congress. Police officers wrongfully believe that their immunity should be as broad as that of execution.     Respectfully,

         Alton H. Maddox, Jr.


cc:  Congressional Black Caucus

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