“Judge Judy” and the “Hearsay Rule” ©

              More than fifty years ago, Robert Wood, Benny Rosser and myself would assemble at the corner of Lovelace Street and Boone Drive in Newnan, GA to “hold court” and discuss public issues.  Our discussions would particularly focus on where we would fit in world history.  Occasionally, we have reassembled in other venues.

            Sam Morris headed the Coweta County School System.  Mrs. Florence Hayes (Jeannes supervisor) was his chief lieutenant.  White supremacists were too busy to immerse themselves in Negro affairs but Morris did have some pernicious policies.  Among these policies, he opposed any Black, high school publishing a yearbook.

            Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.’s brother, Rev. A.D. King, had a church in Newnan.  MLK was steeped into philosophy.  He said:  “If a man doesn’t have anything to die for, he has nothing to live for.”  We informed Mr. Morris that the “Class of 62” would not only have a yearbook but we also intended to leave a class gift to Central High School.

               White supremacists are opposed to Blacks recording and publishing their history.  They are revisionists.  We also knew that white supremacists opposed Blacks honoring each other for doing good work.  In New York, whites employ “Negro fronts.” 

White supremacy has its own psychology and logic.  Seasonal and part-time volunteers are not capable of addressing white supremacy.  It is 24/7.   I brought my schedule and work ethic to Harlem in 1973.  To address the issues of poverty which afflicted my clients, I had to work 24/7.

            On May 21, 1990, I knew that I would still be barred from all courtrooms twenty-five years later.  I would also not be honored by either United African Movement or the Freedom Party.  From Atlanta, GA, Sis. Karen Mason would step up to the plate to remember May 20, 2010 after I had refused , on May 21, 1990, to honor the master-slave relationship.  No white attorney would be compelled to violate the attorney-client relationship.

            The  slave-master was opposed to anyone remembering or honoring me.  I had defied white supremacy on many levels.  The New York Post, in an editorial, said it best.  The New York Legislature must disbar Maddox before others attempt to emulate him.  I was a threat to the plantation system in New York.  The New York Post was a whistle-blower or “Paul Revere.” 

        Manhattan Borough President David Dinkins admitted to several high-profile Black activists of such a system soon after the “Day of Outrage”.  I was its architect.  Rev. Al Sharpton was it social chameleon.  Dr. King was the spiritual leader.  My goal was to dismantle the plantation system in New York.

            The Bible says “People without vision shall perish.”  Black leaders in New York suffer from a lack of visionary leadership.  They are also unable to speak “legalese” or “military science.”  Anyone who speaks for a people must be bilingual.  It is an exercise in futility for anyone to attempt to represent a people who honor “passivity.”

            New York still demands that all attorney disciplinary hearings be secret proceedings.  I insisted that my “kangaroo hearing” had to not only be open to the public but held in a ceremonial courtroom.  I sought to avoid a Star Chamber.  “Negroes” are typically tried in closets.  Ceremonial courtrooms are reserved for whites. This arrangement violates the Thirteenth and Fourteenth amendments.

            Because my people were not bilingual, I already knew that I would win the war but lose the battle.  No one would peep that my “disbarment” arose from a lack of proof.  This would require a knowledge of “legalese” and “military science.”  These topics are not taught to Blacks in schools or in colleges.  Blacks allow Mayor William de Blasio to draft Eurocentric curriculums.   

      Assuming arguendo that the six, white legislators, ADA Steven Pagones and NYS Attorney General Robert Abrams, who filed complaints against me, were my clients, they would, nonetheless, still have to appear at the kangaroo hearing.  They were no-shows.  This established a complete lack of proof.  “Judge Judy” would have gone “ballistics.”  Abrams failed again.  The public record is available for public inspection.

            On the other hand, my witnesses included Prof. Monroe Freedman, the leading authority on legal ethics in the United States; Prof. Kellis Parker of Columbia University Law School, the leading authority on Blacks in education; Chief Administrative Judge Joan Carey in addition to Justice Bruce Wright, author ofBlack Robes, White Justice.  Blacks still believe that the white man’s sugar is sweeter.

            For persons who lack the ability to comprehend “legalese,” the failure to offer any semblance of proof from any complaining witness amounts to a default.  Under the rules of hearsay, any out-of-court statement to prove a matter is unreliable since it is not subject to cross-examination.  This was the case in the Brooklyn Appeals Court and also in the Brooklyn Federal Court. No hearing was held in Brooklyn Federal Court.

            My letter to U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara was a way of me honoring myself.   Otherwise, any honor is time-barred.  It should have been a wake-up call for Blacks.  Everyone is still in a deep sleep.  No one can come alive in “one five.”  Hon. Elijah Muhammad told me, in 1962, that Negroes are “deaf, dumb and blind.”  I still love my people.  If I could be born again, it would be as a “Moor” among other acceptable names.

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