Harpo Productions Seeks Interview with Tawana Brawley ©

            Today, Harpo Productions called Tawana Brawley to seek an interview with her.  No one is opposed to Oprah Winfrey talking with Tawana Brawley provided that she does her legal homework.  Tawana has never had “her day in court” in New York and also in Virginia and the default judgment in New York is bogus.  It has to be signed by a judge and not a clerk.

            Oprah is invited to the Cotton Club in Harlem on this Tuesday evening to discuss this matter in the presence of the community.  Dick Gregory and Oprah Winfrey are both from Chicago.  Oprah is long overdue.  The truth has been suppressed too long.  When Tawana has to depend financially on a duly-licensed lawyer who is barred from the courtroom, she is in deep trouble.  She is unemployed and may be on the brink of homelessness.

            It would not hurt if the community also called Harpo Productions to demand a meeting between Oprah and Tawana.  A jury has already found that Steven Pagones was involved in the kidnapping and rape of Tawana Brawley.  Justice S. Barrett Hickman refused to sign the default judgment.  New York retaliated by refusing to certify Justice Hickman for a judgeship after his seventieth birthday.

            There is no excuse for Rev. Al Sharpton and Dr. C. Vernon Mason not providing financial support to Tawana.  Dr. Mason has an annual six figure income.  Rev. Sharpton has an annual seven figure income.  If both Dr. Mason and Rev. Sharpton would deduct only one percent of their wages and give it to her, she would be able to survive these adverse, financial circumstances.  These are men of the cloth.


            The telephone number for Harpo Productions is 310-278-5559 or 310-663-1000.

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