Is Freedom a “Right” or a “Business”? ©

Is Freedom a “Right” or a “Business”? ©
By Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

In every endeavor, a successful person must start with a major premise which should be free of any fallacies. I am particularly concerned about American jurisprudence. My current concern, in particular, is the senseless and racially-inspired murder of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, FL.

If every Black person had the same racial philosophy that every white person shared and this was 1912 in Florida, there would have already been a lynching. George Zimmerman would have already been history. Whites have refused to teach Blacks the Old Testament.

Whites believe that every crime is public in nature. This means that every crime is a class action. Thus, the next-of-kin has no special preference or special standing in punishing a wrongdoer. The avengers are all other white persons. This is the making of a lynch mob. Whites faithfully observe their participation in the posse as a racial duty.

Although the U.S. Constitution requires due process of law for any white person, a descendant of enslaved Africans is only “three-fifths of a person” and has fractional rights at best. The U.S. Constitution was not written for descendants of enslaved Africans. “No Negro has any rights that whites are bound to respect”.

Some states permit lynching after a judgment of conviction. All states permit lynching if the convicted, criminal defendant is not a whole person. Congress has refused to pass anti-lynching legislation despite protests from disenfranchised Blacks.

The American system of jurisprudence requires an adversarial system of justice if both the victim and the perpetrator are white. It is trial by combat, however, if the victim is white and the suspected perpetrator is Black. The American system of jurisprudence once harbored trial by combat, universally, in England and before slavery.

There is a lot that you need to know if you support a call for justice for Trayvon Martin. A call for justice, for example, requires staying power. It is more than an expression of simple and initial outrage. Like in baseball, you must touch all bases. Baseball does not score a run if the runner only reaches first base. Through hook or crook, a runner must touch all bases.

So far, Geroge Zimmerman has touched all bases in the first three innings. The first inning was his unexplained release from police custody. The second inning was his re-arrest. Blacks only hit a triple in the first inning. This was followed by a “cooling off” period. In the third inning, Zimmerman was only charged with murder in the second degree.

Zimmerman, with help from zebras, has recovered his image. There has been no cry of foul from Blacks. In the fourth inning, Zimmerman was unlawfully released on bail. This release improves his chance of an acquittal. It also signals that Trayvon Martin’s life was not worth a plug nickel.

He is now a flight risk and a threat to public safety in fifty states. A monitoring device does not prevent Zimmerman from committing a hate crime. He is not subject to any surveillance device. No leading Black should be calling for Zimmerman to live in peace until he at least receives a kangaroo trial or a pre-trial farce. Blacks, en masse, failed to oppose his release from jail according to the public record.

When a party to litigation announces from the outset that there will be no objections, this party will probably lose the litigation. When Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson and Benjamin Jealous arrived in Sanford, FL, they announced, immediately, that there would be no acts of civil disobedience and no boycotts on behalf of the Black community. This is like a zebra telling a lion that he will “stand his ground”.

Because of the nature of the U.S. Constitution, different special interest groups have had to seek civil rights. All of these groups embrace business models. Blacks, on the other hand, have refused to embrace a business model. They are only seeking “silver rights”. “Silver rights” are not based on the Reconstruction amendments.

Since the demise of “Like It “, I have served as a pro bono consultant in establishing a media rights organization, in the tri-state area, based on a business model with a right of “standing” before the Federal Communications Commission. This is an unprecedented effort for any Black organization.

“Social parasites” have resisted this effort. They believe that whites will guarantee them their rights. Stated differently, for them, “freedom is free”. These people are ignorant of history. Blacks have had to pay in blood for everything that they have received in this country. To Blacks, America is like the American Red Cross.

The next, five-hour seminar for “Friends of Like It Is” will occur on Saturday, April 28, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. at the Cotton Club, 656 West 125th Street in Harlem. There will be course materials and a breakfast buffet followed by a “different spin” lecture on the law including FCC law and Florida law on self-defense. The effort is to build a business model to ensure civil and human rights.


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