Ignoring the Teachings of Frederick Douglass ©

             I can guarantee you that state-sponsored terrorism will continue until descendants of enslaved Africans get some starch in their backs and make an uncompromising demand on white supremacists to enjoin genocide by filing a petition in the World Court.  No one remembers the teachings of Malcolm X.

            A petition should outline a list of grievances and attendant remedies.  I have recently given twenty areas of concern to the Congressional Black Caucus.  It chooses, instead, to hide behind the skirt of U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch.  She has been dispatched to the battlefield armed with a firearm and blanks.  In the meantime, bourgeoisie blacks are running for the tall grass.

            Despite the wise sayings of Frederick Douglass, it is, generally, unattractive to openly and defiantly elevate his sayings over white supremacy.  In fact, no gold-plated and officially certified “slave” is going to risk not receiving retirement income to honor one’s revered ancestors.  This is why black history is unattractive to descendants of enslaved Africans.  My parents, according to a “slave,” sent me to college to get a “good job.”  This is habit evidence.

            The U.S. Justice Department has been bankrupt since its establishment in 1870.  Blacks received their first clue when President Grover Cleveland of New York appointed Augustus H. Garland of Arkansas as his U.S. attorney general. Garland was a loyalist of the Confederate States of America.  Cleveland laid the foundation for Plessy v. Ferguson.

            After the racially-motivated murder of Michael Griffith in Howard Beach, in 1986, I made a non-negotiable demand on New York which ended with “or else.” Blacks in New York had to fear for their lives when they were caught “trespassing” in a white neighborhood.  I was on a mission.  White vigilantism had to come to a screeching halt.

            White vigilantism came to a screeching halt in May 1990 when a jury convicted Joseph Fama of murdering Yusuf Hawkins.  Fama was sentenced to 33 years to life.  I was the attorney for the estate of Yusuf Hawkins and the people’s attorney general. 

            The key was in making an uncompromising demand with “or else” at the end.  The District Attorneys Association and the New York Legislature would immediately retaliate.  I was pursuing preventive justice and not personal justice.  My goal was to make sure that history would not repeat itself.  So far, so good.

            I would be immediately barred from the practice of law in all courtrooms because I had violated the master-slave relationship.  White supremacists had to give up their children.  I was arrogant and I was also guilty as charged.  I refused to backpedal into slavery.  Any black person who refuses to retreat back into slavery is a threat to white supremacy.  When you are the best that ever did it, you should be barred from practicing law because this is a tell-tale sign of black superiority.

            The Bill of Rights belongs to “we the people.”  The Sixth Amendment is incorporated in the Bill of Rights.  Thus, New York is violating the rights of “we the people” but the attorney has no constitutional rights under the Sixth Amendment. An attorney has no constitutional right under the Sixth Amendment.   An attorney only has aprivilege to practice law.  The U.S. Constitution gives a greater deference to a right than to a privilege.

            Because blacks are unable to discern a right from a privilege, they are being constitutionally shortchanged.  You have to speak “legalese” to understand these legal concepts.  Blacks are presumed to know the law but they are unable to understand its nuances.  This is a fatality.


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