How to Speak Legalese ©

              In speaking legalese, it is first necessary for blacks to define themselves.  Soon after we arrived on these shores, we were defined as “chattel slaves.”  This meant that our ancestors were private property and beyond the jurisdiction of the courts or any other public entity.  For our ancestors, this was a nation of white men.

            Today, it is a nation of laws for whites but it is still a nation of white men for blacks.  Dred Scott was the legal conduit.  “No Negro has any rights that a white man is bound to respect.”  We went from “chattel slaves” to “constitutional outlaws.”  Black’s Law Dictionary defines outlaw as:  “A person who has been deprived of the benefit and protection of the law.”

            Malcolm X said, “America is a prison.”  The Economist concurs.  The front cover of its June 20-26issue reads:  “Jailhouse nation.”  Blacks are still unable to see the connection between attorney discipline and mass incarceration.  Attorney discipline leads to mass incarceration.  I am its poster child.  No help is available for me even in Freedom Party or in United African Movement.

            To placate blacks and keep them immersed in plantation politics, the Democratic Party decided to give blacks rights, on one hand, and take them away with the other hand.  For nearly a century, the Fifteenth Amendment remained toothless.

            The Voting Rights Act of 1965 would enfranchise blacks while legislation, calling for mass incarceration, would destabilize black families.  Vice-president Joseph Biden, a Democrat, was this plan’s architect.  His Senate committee also elevated Clarence Thomas to the U.S. Supreme Court.  President Bill Clinton picked up the ball and ran for a touchdown with blacks cheering him on

            We have a serious problem in engaging in critical thinking.  Our eyesight is blurred if not blind. Dr. John Henrik Clarke noted that blacks are also unable to listen.  When confronted with the truth, our response is “I hear you.”  There is a substantial difference between listening to someone and hearing someone.

            Our first step is to clarify our status.  We are preferred creditors. We must pursue the steps taken by the Chinese in Yick Wo v. Hopkins 118 U.S. 356 (1886).  They pooled their resources to protect their livelihoods.  This was a class action in the Supreme Court.  Blacks must seek a declaratory judgment in the World Court in accordance with nationhood status in Cherokee Cases.

            In the meantime, we must also pool our votes by refusing to be enrolled in any political party.  We must declare ourselves “independents.”  This political status will give us the right to bargain and to leverage our votes. It will allow us to get rid of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  They are switch-hitters (Democrat and Republican).

            “Slaves” had no right to engage in collective bargaining.  Whites also had no right to engage in collective bargaining while blacks were still chattel slaves.  Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin seeks to end collective bargaining while Donald Trump seeks to deport descendants of enslaved Africans “Back to Africa.”

            Our defense should be a good offense.  It starts with planning. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  No one remembers that the Colored Convention Movement actually preceded the first convention of the Democratic Party in Baltimore, MD, the birthplace of the “Star Spangled Banner.”

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