Homophiles and The Constitution ©


            The “founders” of the U.S. Constitution were able to be homophiles.  Only white men were able to pen the “Supreme Law of the Land.”  Their proceedings were secret.  It is not surprising that President George Washington was a “Mason.”  This was a “special interest” group, under the U.S. Constitution.  Alexander Hamilton founded the Federalist Party in 1787.

            At President-elect Donald J. Trump’s press conference yesterday, “rumors were swirling” around about, possibly, Donald Trump having been caught in a “compromising position” in Russia.  President-elect Donald Trump did acknowledge that “hidden cameras” routinely appeared in hotel rooms.  Given Mr. Trump’s modus operandi, it is reasonable to “infer” that he might be starring in an “X-rated movie” soon.

            Of course, I will leave the details to Dick Gregory.  I am only in the business of interpreting “legalese” and “military science.”  I can only say that “what is good for the goose is [not] good for the gander.”  The “original intent” was not to accord equal rights to the white, male militia.  The “Bill of Rights” never mentioned equal rights.

            The Bill of Rights did mention “eminent domain” and “private property.” “Slavery” was never mentioned in the U.S. Constitution.  Since slavery did exist, it had to be covered by the “Commerce Clause.”  This explains why blacks had to wait until 1964 to enjoy interstate, public accommodations.

            Whites enjoy it under the “common law.”  Under U.S. Attorney-general Jeff Sessions, “social rights” for blacks will be “held in the balance.”  Kuumba will be necessary to accord our children with “social rights” that blacks have only enjoyed since 1964.  Black males and females, in New York, may be taking their last trip to Washington, DC.  Legal rights are not synonymous with legal fixtures.

            Only persons with “vision” will have to shoulder the responsibilities of preserving those limited, social rights.  Most blacks lack the “humanity” to accord these visionaries a “token of appreciation.”  The principles of insurance were not taught on the plantation.  A “hobby” does not need to be insured especially if blacks still give deference to “chattel slavery.”

            Mr. Trump will have to consider the “legal protections” accorded to a “pedophile in international affairs.  I give great thanks for Dick Gregory giving me some insight in a “business” relationship between Vladimir Putin and President-elect Donald J. Trump.  It is interesting that Mr. Trump is, currently, engaged in a “pre-emptive strike.”

            Given the fact that everyone was “speaking in tongues” at yesterday’s press conference, our concern has to be whether a “commander in chief” will be starring in an X-rated movie with a Russian child.  This may be too much for white supremacists to stomach.”  If that is the case, blacks may be given another “reprieve.”

Keep The Pressure On!


President Barack Obama (202-456-1111)

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch (202-353-1555/202-514-2000)

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo (212-257-6405/ 518-474-8390)

NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman ((212-416-8000)

Federal Communications Commission – (888-225-5322)


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