General Obama vs. “Private” Romney

Until I can secure organizational and financial support for the formation of a media rights organization for the tri-state area, the acquisition of a board of directors and the election of officers, I am in a financial limbo and in a physical quandary. I have been saddled down with a variety of job duties.

This will be the first media rights organization for Blacks in the tri-state area. Knowledge of organizational science, finance and media law are conditions precedent to a media rights organization having “standing” to appear before the FCC. The initial task is “free” education. This explains the almost daily, in-depth and taxing writings to help the Black community understand media.

On Sundays, I am a media octopus. Before “Here and Now” airs at noontime, public affairs programming for whites are all over the myriad, television channels. Jim Crow is alive and well. Locally, only WABC-TV still operates a semblance of public affairs programming for Blacks and Latinos. Otherwise, the color of our tubes is white.

I was outside the region, this past Sunday. Sundays are already hectic for me. This past Sunday, “Fox News Sunday” was showcasing Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. I had to give undivided attention to this “puff piece”. It would require the attention of a legal surgeon. As Dr. John Henrik Clarke said, “Black people must learn to listen”.

Politics is warfare. There are two battlefields in America. One is for the ballot. The other is for the bullet. Citizens are not told to disarm themselves. Only citizens of the United States are armed with both a ballot and a bullet. This is a full-time job. Bullets start flying when the ballots fail. There must be a well-armed militia with deep pockets.

Blacks routinely engage in plantation politics. There is a merger, and not a separation, of church and state. The job of Black preachers is to disarm the Black masses. Blacks go to polling booths like mules go to cotton fields. They both have on blinders. Public affairs programming is unavailable. There route to polling booths is “short and sweet”. Whites are on this political path for 365 days a year. Blacks are on it, unarmed, for only two days per year.

The perfect example is the Colfax Massacre in Louisiana during Reconstruction. There was a gubernatorial dispute. Armed white men and unarmed Black men assembled at the local courthouse. When the smoke had cleared, more than one hundred Black men were dead. This experience instructed Blacks to go to the courthouse armed to the teeth to settle political disputes.

Three white men were convicted but the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in United States v. Cruikshank that there was no federal claim for a conspiracy to violate constitutional rights. Instead, murder prosecutions should have been initiated in Louisiana. This is states’ rights. Federalism is unavailable to Blacks.

“Fox News Sunday”, this past Sunday, was all Romney. It was divided into three segments. There was an “inquest”, a “narrative” and a “summation”. This public affairs program was a campaign to humanize Romney. This is why Ronald Reagan gave the “Fairness Doctrine” the boot in 1987. Reagan licensed commercial radio and television stations to engage in media warfare. Propaganda is the first stage of warfare.

While Romney might hold the Ace of Diamond, President Barack Obama holds the Joker and the Ace of Club. If skillfully played, Obama should win this high-stake game in a political casino. In a political contest, the top card is credibility. Romney has no Ace of Heart and he should refrain from playing the Ace of Spade. Credibility is not his strong suit. This is a major hurdle in his path to the White House.

Unless Romney hits a home run on Thursday evening at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL, Katie might kiss the bell on Friday morning. This is like a criminal defense lawyer in a criminal trial. Studies have shown that a criminal defense lawyer will either win or lose a criminal trial before any evidence is heard. A home run must be hit by Romney during his opening statement.

Romney’s strategy should be to prosecute Obama but if he has to also defend himself after Thursday evening, he will be swimming in deep waters with hungry sharks on his tail. No lawyer can wear two hats at the same time. This is why Romney must either prosecute Obama or defend himself but not both. A strategy incorporating a prosecution and a defense simultaneously will inevitably lead to a political disaster.

In politics, Romney must operate like a fox in the chicken coop. He must convince the chickens that he is their friend and his mission is to prolong and improve their lives. Col. Saunders lives in a chicken coop. He has never seen a chicken that he has failed to put on the chopping block. Col. Saunders is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Romney, however, is simply a wolf. This is his political problem which is shrouded in secrecy.

All eyes will be focused on Romney Thursday evening. Romney must go for all he knows. Given the failed speeches on Tuesday night to prove good character, he will be doing a high wire act without a cushion. Otherwise, it will be up to Obama to trip himself. It is better to rely on your own political prowess to win the political sweepstakes rather than to rely on the political clumsiness of your opponent to fall off the high wire.

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