From Heathen to Human: Slave Codes ©


            All of the thirteen colonies had “slave codes.”  Georgia was the last of the thirteen colonies which permitted slavery.  Black residents of Coweta County, GA were least affected by slavery.  “Chief Coweta” headed the Creek Nation.  Our curriculum at Central High School included the Creek Nation.

            No Freedom Retreat for Boys and Girls exists.  It is false advertising to “tout” a Freedom Retreat for Boys and Girls.  For starters, Black women refused to participate in it.  There could be no Freedom Retreat for Boys which was also on “a banana peel.”  Black women have sustained Alton Maddox’s claim of 1863 “chattel slavery.”

            “Minority pols hit leaders in Ramarley slay” appeared in the New York Daily News, January 23, 2017.  These “pols” were firing at the wrong persons.  These “pols” singled out the mayor’s office and the New York Police Department for the prosecution of the death of Ramarley Graham.  These “pols” consisted of New York City Council’s” Black Latino and Asian Caucus.”

            If the “pols” had read the “public record,” the founder of the Freedom Party was at the top of the political heap. Other names would include Louis Clayton Jones, C. Vernon Mason, Flo Kennedy and Michael Warren.  Alton Maddox, a “debarred attorney” is the “architect” of a special prosecutor in racially-motivated cases in the United States and the “architect” of hate crime legislation in the United States.

            It is of considerable interest that these “minority “pols” are engaged in a “bait and switch.”  They support the “continued defamation” of Alton Maddox by the NYS Office of Court Administration.  P.O. Richard Haste, who murdered eighteen year-old Ramarley Graham, is being given a “reprieve” because of the “illegal takeover” of the Freedom Party.

            Tonight, United African Movement will fashion a comprehensive plan for UAM and its subsidiaries to return to its “original intent.” That is the implementation of “Garveyism” forthwith and to stop representing itself as a “chitlin-circuit operation.”  There is a “symbiotic relationship” between “white supremacy” and a “chitlin-circuit operation.”

            Brooklyn was a “sanctuary city” of the Brawley family in 1988.  It still is. Mayor William de Blasio of New York City and its city council must make an “executive order” forthwith of New York City being a “sanctuary city.”  The Brawley family is “free of arrest” on I-95, until they touch New York soil. This “executive order” and “executive proclamation” should take effect tonight.

            The right of legal representation is guaranteed under the Sixth Amendment. Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his father have been in lockstep with President Donald Trump whose actions against four black attorneys have had a “chilling effect” on all black attorneys.  A written resolution must be drafted on the evening of January 25, 2017 to address “Trumpism.”



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