Freedom Party to Meet on Tuesday in Brooklyn

  Since the Freedom Party is the only Black-led and Black-financed political organization which has ever achieved ballot status, state-wide, in New York, it must be mindful of “The Mis-education of the Negro” by Dr. Carter G. Woodson.  This is new political territory for Blacks and it is replete with minefields.

            Cong. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., at the end of his political career, sought to establish the People’s Party in New York.  While it never achieved ballot status, his political experiences have been helpful in establishing and maintaining the Freedom Party since 1994 when only one person, originally, was willing to provide seed money.  Activists, statewide, declined the invitation.

            The Freedom Party recognizes the enormous task of establishing and maintaining a political party independent of white control.  As Dr. Woodson suggested, in his classic book, most Blacks believe that only whites can establish and maintain a political party.  Many of these Blacks also believe that they have no business operating a political party independent of whites and especially white counsel.

            Blacks have a right to believe in political dependence.  These Blacks, however, have no right to operate as political saboteurs.  In the history of white, political parties, there has never been an instance of whites stopping other whites from establishing a political party in order to express their political beliefs.  This is the purpose of the First Amendment.

            In politics, there is no such thing as one size fits all.  If the Freedom Party, as currently constituted, does not fit the bill of a Black person, there is always the open invitation to establish a political party which fits the bill.  This accounts for the various, political parties in the white community.

            For the past eighteen months, the Freedom Party has been engaged in an intensive educational program acknowledging the lessons in “The Mis-education of the Negro” and the political operations of “leading Blacks” and “Black selected officials” in maintaining “plantation politics”.

            There has been no attempt to stop “plantation politics” in the Black community while millions of dollars have been invested, since September 2010, to stop political independence in the Black community.  It is profitable to whites for Blacks to continue practicing “plantation politics”.       A Black political party should have been established in 1870.

            The Freedom Party is now in the process of establishing the Freedom “National” Committee which will establish, in part, leadership for the Freedom Party of New York.  This process is statewide.  Incremental steps are being taken only because of inadequate resources for a simultaneous, statewide operation.

            Black people are long on rhetoric and short on money for a political operation even though the United States has a republican form of government.  Outside of basic economic survival and economic independence, nothing should be more important to Blacks than political and legal representation. As Frederick Douglass said, “You may not get everything you pay for but you will pay for everything you get”.

            In 2013, there will be a heavy emphasis on municipal politics in New York City.  Blacks should not exclude themselves.  In order for the Freedom Party to be competitive, committees must be established with persons in them willing to pay some “heavy dues”.  This is the core of the political operations of the Freedom Party.  The political core must consist of persons who function “without excuses”.

            There will be a three-day, Black Political Convention in New York City in May 2013 if the Freedom Party endorses it.  The purpose of the convention is to formulate a Black Agenda and to select candidates for various, municipal positions including mayor of the City of New York.  The formulation of an agenda is more important than the selection of candidates. Some mayoral candidates will not endorse a Black agenda.

            The next public meeting will occur this Tuesday, February 26, 2013 at 7:00 P.M. at Stratosphere Studios, 227 Utica Avenue (bet. St. John’s Pl. and Sterling Pl.) in Brooklyn. Take the No. 3 and 4 trains to Utica Avenue.  Bus nos. 45 and 46 to Utica Avenue.  For more information, call 718-771-8400.

            The next official meeting of the Freedom Party and “Friends of Like It Is” is on Saturday, March 9, 2013 at 9:00 A.M. at the Cotton Club, 656 West 125th Street in Harlem. For more information, call 718-834-9034.

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