Ethics: Missing in the Black Community ©

The framers of the U.S. Constitution never mentioned ethics.  Religion is prominently mentioned in the First Amendment, however. The framers of the U.S. Constitution chose to give religion to the people while retaining ethics for themselves.  The key issue in New York politics is ethics.   Ethics equals (Reciprocity Accountability Principles) RAP.

State government has crafted out a “faith-based initiative” [FBI] for Blacks and in violation of the “separation of church and state” provision of the First Amendment.  Blacks reciprocate by electing preachers to political positions.  Thus, a religious assembly in the Black community is toxic.  We are financing our own oppression.

No person should allow his or her head to be buried in the sand.  In that position, a person is “deaf, dumb and blind” with one’s gluteus maximus pointing to the sun.  If Dr. Leonard Jeffries is correct, and he is, Dr. Yosef A.A. ben-Yochannan is “the gift that keeps on giving” and even after his death, on March 19, 2015.  It is ironic that anyone should die as a pauper and be remembered as a king.”

It is not reasonable that “the gift that keeps on giving” is not given a homegoing service until three weeks after his death.  Judaism and Islam have definite practices.  Christianity usually encourages a burial within seven days of death.  Bouvier Law Dictionary defines “reasonableness” as follows:  “A reasonable action is what most rational and fair-minded people could be expected to do in a given situation.”

“Dr. Ben’s” immediate family is not responsible for his economic plight.  Those persons who have “dirty hands” must come forward and do the “right thing.”  A symposium is like an inquisition. We must prepare “Dr. Ben” for his date with destiny.  In jurisprudence, this means an accounting. The estate and not the next-of-kin are responsible for all debts.  See a “bankrupt estate.”


At this point, Blacks must re-examine the Estate of John Henrik Clarke.  His death raised many questions.  Some of these questions remain unsettled.  These unsettled questions have negatively affected his widow, Sis. Sybil Williams Clarke.  A burial can be a cover-up.  “Dr. Ben” may be left holding the bag.  Social parasites, who oppose a symposium on “Dr. Ben,” will be allowed to strike again.

On March 22, 2015, I published an article entitled, “Dying as a Pauper, Remembered as a King.”   The opening statement cannot be reconciled with its ending.  There is a wide discrepancy. Any story also has a middle.  It is this middle that must be examined on April 4, 2015.  It is fitting that a “King” must be remembered on “King Day.

White supremacists are bilingual.  They only speak “legalese” and “military science.”  If left unchecked, they will identify all issues of the Estate of “Dr. Ben” as “legalese” and “military science.” Among other things, a symposium provides an opportunity to inquire and an opportunity to assign liability.  His estate should not suffer a “hit.”

The symposium shall start with “legalese.”  It should also address HELP.  Since Bro. Reginald Peavey is the only person who will discuss critical issues of the Freedom Party with me, no other person should be giving any directives.  The Steering Committee of the Freedom Party acts in concert.

“Dr. Ben” was a controversial figure. United African Movement was told, in 1994, to axe him or suffer censorship. UAM refused this invitation.  Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani initiated this effort and, after President Barack Obama, “Dr. Ben,” even in death, is still a prime target.  Shades of Malcolm X.



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