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          ESPN, which was born on the backs of black athletes, will present a “puff piece” on the rape of Crystal Gail Mangum by members of all-white, Duke Lacrosse Team in Durham, NC on March 14, 2006.  Like in the rape of Iasha Rivers at the penthouse apartment of attorney Sanford Rubenstein in New York, this was a “freight train.”

            Rev. Al Sharpton was supposed to go to Durham to show support for Mangum but he reneged on his promise.  His handlers reminded him of his promise to Justice Thurgood Marshall to give up on blacks.  Any breach of this promise could land him in prison.  This promise is considered as classified information. 

            Sharpton had another problem.  It is called “guilt by association.” Cong. Walter Jones of the 3rd Congressional District in North Carolina had persuaded Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois to write a letter demanding the disbarment of Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong for securing rape indictments against the Duke players.

            This was supposed to be a no-no prosecution and it is worse than Maryland State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby securing six indictments against the six Baltimore police officers for the death of Freddie Gray.  Later she would cause a misjoinder of the defendants to protect the “big fish,” Lt. Brian Rice, from any conviction.  Sounds like chess.

            President Obama succeeded in securing the disbarment of the prosecutor.  This was unprecedented.  President Obama would engage in horse-trading.  He needed North Carolina on his side in the Electoral College in addition to securing funds from the wealthy alumni of Duke University.

             Last year, I sought to find Mr. Michael Nifong while I was on a trip to North Carolina to deliver a lecture at Campbell University Law School in Raleigh, NC.  When any prosecutor demonstrates any semblance of fairness to blacks for a controversial gesture, blacks must express outrage.  Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie must address this issue.

            To be fair, Rev. Jesse Jackson did offer a scholarship to Ms. Mangum at North Carolina Central University.  I have always said that Rev. Jackson was more morally upright than Rev. Sharpton even though Rev. Jackson is no choirboy.  He is also more of a father to his children than Rev. Sharpton is to his children.

            I visited the childhood home of Rev. Jackson in Greenville, SC at the invitation of his mother, Ms. Helen Jackson.  I was also introduced to Rev. Jackson’s brother while he was a student at Wharton School of Finance in Philadelphia, PA.  Donald Trump was also graduated from Wharton in addition to the New York Military Academy.

            ESPN’s 30:30 will air on ESPN 2 at 9:00 p.m.  on Sunday. To get a different view, you should obtain a copy of this book:  Cowan, William D., The Price of Silence, (2014).   When a black woman accuses a white man of rape, where there is smoke there is fire.  Like in the Constitution, the black woman is racially suspect. An advisor goes down with the black accuser.  Blacks reward their enemies and punish their friends.

            At the end of the trial in Pagones v. Maddox, Mason, Sharpton and Brawley, the jury was willing to go on camera to discuss the case.  Their observations were positive.  Maddox had believed that Min. Clemson Brown was actually video-taping the conference. Afterwards, he told Maddox that he was only pretending to be video-taping the jury’s observations and comments.  The jurors personally advised me to continue the good work.  They had refused to seal my lips.

            Although Maddox would be suspended on May 21, 1990 for his representation of blacks as the “people’s attorney general,” New York would suspend him in February 1989 to bar him from representing Tawana Brawley in Pagones’ lawsuit. This illegal and narrow suspension would prevent him from filing a notice of appearance on behalf of Tawana Brawley.

            New York would also hire Steven Pagones as an assistant attorney general despite his adjudication, inferentially, as a sexual predator.  This allowed New York to represent him in Pagones v. Maddox, et. al.  Nonetheless, the jury found that Pagones had sexually attacked Tawana. No one ever established a war chest or a legal defense fund for Maddox in Brawley or otherwise. New York retaliated by barring him from all courtrooms for life.

            When attorney Michael Dowd was found with his hands in funds collected from parking ticket violations, Gov. Mario Cuomo asked his judicial cronies in the Appellate Division:  Second Judicial Department to abbreviate Dowd’s five-year suspension to time-served.  Cuomo stated that he was not going to allow Dowd and his family to starve and lose their home.

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            Malcolm X said it best:  “Of all the disciplines, history is best qualified to reward our research.”  Law is history, first and foremost.  This is why research is an essential tool for a competent and zealous attorney.  Blacks are entitled to receive well-researched and well-written articles.


            Dr. John Henrik Clarke said that the nineteenth century is crucial to understanding white supremacy.  My articles always use the nineteenth century as a guide.  Blacks not only need to read the dictum in Scott v. Sanford, 19 How. (60 U.S.) 393 (1857) but also its letter and spirit.


            Mark Riley, a former broadcaster with WLIB-AM, in a broadcast, told Elinor Tatum, publisher of the New York Amsterdam News, that my weekly op-ed pieces, alone, were worth the cost of the tabloid.  This did not set well with Tatum.  When her dad, Bill Tatum, made his transition, I received a pink slip.  I was an unpaid journalist with the New York Amsterdam News and my writings have always been free to the community.


            An award-winning journalist, Earl Caldwell, said on WBAI-FM said that my op-ed pieces were the best in New York.  The production of these writings carries considerable costs.  For blacks to continue to receive the best information, the acquisition of new research materials is necessary. Propaganda is the first stage of warfare.   See, for example, the “Central Park 7.”


            Your contributions to a free and educational press will be greatly appreciated.  Please make checks payable to Alton H. Maddox, Jr. and mail to the address listed below.  Thank you.



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