Dred Scott in the Brooklyn Appeals Court ©

           I am thankful that I started my legal education in a night law school in Atlanta, GA and not at the University of Georgia Law School in Athens, GA.  The culprit was Machiavellianism. There must be a line of defense against propaganda.  This was the reasoning inBrown v. Board of Education, 347 U.S. 483 (1954) (“symbiosis”).

            The University of Georgia Law School was an eye-opener.  Unlike the “foxes” at most law schools, these “wolves” were teaching “their own truth.”  It arose out of Scott v. Sandford, 19 How (60 U.S.) 393 (1857) (“The Bible of White Supremacy”).  The main thesis was that based on “original intent,” it would take a pipe dream to believe that Negroes were citizens of the United States.

            Most blacks in New York State reside in the Appellate Division:  Second Judicial Department.  The New York Legislature has divided a geographical area into judicial districts to the disadvantage of blacks and to subject black, criminal defendants to judicial instructions from slave codes. See, for example, Pagones v. Maddox, Mason, Sharpton and Brawley and People v. John White.

            No black selected official in New York understands or has the courage to understand the plight of blacks.  They are pawns of the Democratic Party. My record, of judicial activism in New York, is unprecedented.  This led the Washington Post on “Mother’s Day 87” to describe me as “Mr. Civil Rights in the Courtroom.”

            I coined the phrase “Judicial Gerrymandering” to describe the pipeline which enables black and Latino defendants to flow from compulsory-attended public schools to the prison-industrial complex.  This happens under the “merger of powers” doctrine.  It is inspired by a political duopoly.

            Matter of Application of Ceasar Adrian Vargas for Admission to the Bar of the State of New York, 2015 Slip Op 04657 was decided on June 3, 2015 by the Appellate Division:  Second Judicial Department. This intermediate appellate court ruled that an undocumented alien from Mexico, with a criminal record, has more rights than a descendant of enslaved Africans.

            Vargas is an undocumented alien from Mexico with a criminal record.  The U.S. Justice Department intervened on behalf of Vargas although President Barack Obama wrongfully stated, previously, that the federal government has no jurisdiction to review the injustices visited against Mumia Abu-Jamal.

             Obama has selectively elevated states’ rights over federalism. His executive decision to turn a blind eye to Mumia has no basis in the law.  He is supposed to be the commander-in-chief and a constitutional scholar. Yet, he has no more power in the United States than Gov. David Paterson had in New York.

            Many persons and estates have been victimized by decisions from the Appellate Division:  Second Judicial Department.  They include Eric Garner, Ramsey Orta, Tawana Brawley, John White, Sean Bell, Christopher Ridley, Alton Maddox, Booker Briggs, Walter Williams, Clifford Glover and Randolph Evans.

            Unless you are deaf, dumb and blind and you have absolutely no interest in racial injustices, you should call the Appellate Division:  Second Judicial Department (718) 875-1300 and demand an explanation for the disparate treatment between undocumented aliens and descendants of enslaved Africans.  The judiciary is supposed to exhibit public accountability.

            The federal government is elevating immigrant rights (and not undocumented, alien rights) over the rights of political refugees who were kidnapped from Africa and forced to build the economy of the United States which paved the way for immigrants to come to the United States.  The Fourteenth Amendment has not altered our legal status.

            If it is now an argument that Mexicans were displaced from land in the Southwest United States, there is also an argument for displaced Africans.  No one required Mexicans to build the economy of the United States.  This would amount to giving reparations to Mexicans with zero value to Africans.  Undocumented aliens, from Mexico, now enjoy dual citizenship.  Vargas may practice law in New York.

            Supporters of Mumia Abu-Jamal should call the Justice Department for it to explain why DOJ can file a “friend of the court brief” on behalf of Ceasar Adrian Vargas while only extending an iron fist wrapped in a velvet glove to Mumia Abu Jamal.  Vargas works for Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.  Blacks will be voting for him and former Sen. Hillary Clinton in South Carolina.

            The telephone number of U.S. Department of Justice is (202) 353-1555 or (202) 514-2000.  The telephone number for the NYS Attorney General is(518) 776-2000.  Both law enforcement agencies have already supported Vargas while turning a deaf ear to all black victims including Mumia Abu-Jamal.

            I will be on WVIP-FM (93.5) on Saturdaymorning, February 6 at 7:10 a.m. to discuss Dred Scott which applies to most blacks in New York. This program will also be streaming onwww.wvipfm.com/.   All black radio stations should discuss this issue on Sunday.

            The Freedom Party should be sounding the alarm today and scheduling a political and legal workshop on Saturday.  This is an emergency I have already given free workshops on this issue to the Freedom Party.  Call the Freedom Party at (917) 947-8994 for its position.

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