Dr. Randy Short: Advising UAM about Hopewell, VA ©

            On July 23, 2013, members of United African Movement and supporters of Glenda and Tawana Brawley will be in Surry Circuit Court in Surry, VA, on July 23, 2013 for an unconstitutional and belated hearing on the propriety of Steven Pagones, the adjudged rapist, garnisheeing Tawana Brawley’s wages on a bogus, default judgment from New York.  Due process requires a hearing before any judgment creditor can garnish wages.  This hearing has not happened in Virginia and Steven Pagones is not a judgment creditor.

            Dr. Randy Short has an outstanding biography representing not only outstanding academic achievements including matriculating at Howard University, Harvard University and the University of Virginia but it also demonstrates an involvement in the anti-apartheid movement.  He was a cumlaude graduate of Howard University and, at the University of Virginia, he focused on urban slavery in the South.

            Short has worked closely with Dick Gregory, Joe Madison and the Congressional Black Caucus in implicating the CIA in the smuggling of cocaine into Los Angeles in the 1980’s.  The possession and use of  cocaine by Blacks has disproportionately imprisoned Blacks in this county. Short’s work has revealed the relationship between the CIA and the prison-industrial complex.

            Domestically, his lists of activities are countless.  He worked closely with Myrlie Evers on the burning of Black churches.  While in Boston, at Harvard University, he sought to partition Roxbury from the city of Boston because of systemic racism in services and policing.  This was known as the Mandela Initiative.

            In 2000, Short, working with Congressional members John Conyers, Cynthia McKinney and the late Donald Payne, organized the Afro-Latin Roundtable.  In furtherance of his work, he traveled, among other places, to Cuba and Brazil in addition to attending the United Nations World Conference Against Racism.  He traveled with Cong. McKinney to Libya.  He has also worked with Palestinians.

            One of his current concerns is genocide in Africa.  Pharmaceutical companies are flooding Africa with potent and genocidal drugs and with a design to destroy African women.  He is also a “radical advocate for the Abolition of Planned Parenthood and other entities that are conducting genocide against the African American people”.

            Short has deep roots in Virginia.  His cousin was the first Black mayor of Hopewell, VA where Glenda and Ralph King reside today.  His knowledge of the area and his important contacts in Virginia will be of great benefit to the United African Movement.  UAM must learn the local terrain in preparation for the unconstitutional hearing on July 23, 2013.

            In addition to his work domestically and internationally, he has taught African American, American World History and African History at Lane College in Tennessee where he also works for WTGP-FM and Bowie State University in Maryland.  He is the curator of the West Tennessee Cultural Heritage Association and is a board member of “Friends of the Congo” and the “A.D. King Foundation”.

            Dr. Randy Short will be the keynote speaker for the United African Movement on thisWednesday, May 8, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. at the Brooklyn Christian Center, 1061 Atlantic Ave. (bet. Classon and Franklin) in Brooklyn.  Take the “C” train to Franklin Avenue.  Tawana and Glenda Brawley will be with their supporters in Paterson, NJ on Mother’s Day 2013.  Don’t be afraid to stand with the Brawleys.  All “leading Blacks” and “Black selected officials” have declined the invitation for this Sunday’s tribute.

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