Discussion of the Shooting of Unarmed and Fleeing Walter Scott ©

          An argument can be made from viewing the fatal shooting of Walter Scott that all law enforcement officers irrespective of race “bleed blue.”  It was particularly disturbing that a Black police officer was on the scene in North Charleston, SC. There should have been an immediate arrest of the white felon.  I would expect to see the Black police officer “cuff” the white police officer.  Probable cause warranted an arrest.

            The videotape also suggests that a police officer, who murders an unarmed and fleeing Black person, should not be allowed to impede a police investigation by remaining silent.  The narrative of the white police officer contradicted his actions seen on the videotape.  The 48-hour rule should be immediately disbanded in New York.

            The first person to speak tonight should be a witness or financier in Minoo Southgate v. UAM and Maddox.  This case arose from the attacks mounted by the Anti-Defamation League and former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.  The effort to keep me out of all courtrooms is now being mounted by a “Fifth Column.”

            A national task force has to be established pronto.  Black lawyers must be in its vanguard despite the efforts of the “Fifth Column” to retain “ambulance chasers” for UAM.  The “silver rites” movement is now showing that it has tentacles in myriad venues.  It is now enveloping United African Movement and the Freedom Party.


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