Did “Standards” Take a Vacation for Blacks” ©

           Before United African Movement was established on August 17, 1988, supporters of Tawana Brawley had an opportunity to bond for at least forty days at Bethany Baptist Church in Brooklyn and they then headed to Atlanta, GA for the 1988 Democratic National Convention.  It proves the need for racial socialization as a condition precedent to organizational unity.

            Along the way, NYS Attorney General Robert Abrams set up a roadblock at the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.  The Brawley bus eluded the roadblock by going through the Holland Tunnel and meeting Min. Louis Farrakhan in Newark.  Abrams had mud on his face.  It would invite payback for Tawana Brawley.

            Brawley supporters decided to form United African Movement absent a thorough study of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA). United African Movement never even considered whether it would even adhere to the principles of a mutual benefit association.

             First, Marcus Garvey was a Pan-Africanist.  He was also a printer.  He would be expected to have a house organ.  UNIA did.  I have had to print a house organ for UAM and Freedom Party with personal funds.  For twenty years, I personally had to finance a business office.  At the time, UAM was operating on a unilateral, business model.

            The jewel of UAM was the Slave Theater.  In September 1990, UAM’s membership voted against the presence of Sharpton’s white friends.  This position would place Sharpton on a banana peel.  When he was “stabbed” on January 12, 1991, Revs. Jesse Jackson and Herbert Daughtry, the next day, made him an offer at Coney Island Hospital that he could not refuse.

            Unfortunately, he had tendered his resignation from UAM before the secondWednesday in February 1991.  On thatWednesday, he had to make a beeline back to the Slave Theater for a Black audience as a “prop.”  Maria Shriver and a film crew from NBC-TV accompanied him.  They were doing a documentary on his emergence as a powerful Black leader.  At UAM’s weekly forum at the Slave Theater, it was “Dr. Ben’s week.”

            “Dr. Ben” publicly announced that he did not come to the Slave Theater to entertain whites. The audience went ballistics.  They saw Sharpton as an interloper.  The audience chanted and booed Sharpton off the stage.  He started crying crocodile tears.  Now, he had daggers in his eyes for both “Dr. Ben” and the United African Movement.  He pledged revenge.

            In 2010, the deadline for signatures on independent nominating petitions was August 17, 2010.  My pick was not Councilman Charles Barron. I only have one vote, however.  He persuaded others to put him on the 2010 ballot of the Freedom Party. 

            No fund-raiser happened until September 2010.  Nonetheless, loyal supporters were able to collect 45,000 valid signatures, throughout New York State as is required by the NY Election Law, with my own money. These surplus signatures guaranteed the formation of a political party with automatic ballot access.  This would have been a first for Blacks in the United States.

            On the first Wednesday of September 2010, the Washington Post reported that Sharpton had raised Seven Million Dollars.  It would be used to pay off the saboteurs and spies of the Freedom Party.  Some of those leftover saboteurs now constitute the core of the Steering Committee.  This is a fifth column. 

            This past Monday, I received a phone call indicating that Rev. Sharpton had failed to acknowledge “Dr. Ben” on his Sunday radio broadcast.  This was not surprising.  A prior installation of a “Dr. Ben Chair” at the National Action Network was a gimmick.  

            A prestigious chair is should always be accompanied with a purse.  Sharpton had tricked “Dr. Ben.” This was Sharpton’s revenge.  He should be using “my equitable funds” from People v. Sharpton to defray “Dr. Ben’s” homegoing services.  “Dr. Ben” had sought to befriend Sharpton but Sharpton was still cemented to February 1991.

            Sharpton and Barron should also attend the symposium on April 4, 2015 at the Brooklyn Christian Center.  I planted the seed for a symposium.  The planter should not have to be both the gardener and the groundskeeper.  This would constitute “double jeopardy.”  The symposium should start by11:00 a.m. and continue until at least 5:00 p.m. 

            This symposium should spawn the “Ben-Clarke Institute” and provide for an understanding of The Marcus Garvey Papers. Both Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan and Dr. John Henrik Clarke were his “cubs.”  If Democrats and Republicans can jointly sponsor the Edward Kennedy Institute, our community must understand the import of racial unity under HELP.

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