December 12: “A Day In Infamy” ©


            Definitions are very necessary in achieving “liberation.”  Webster’s Dictionary defines “emancipation” as a transfer of ownership as in from “private ownership” to “states’ rights.”  See Slaughterhouse Cases, 83 U.S. 36 (1873). 

Liberation, on the other hand, means “to be set free from a foreign domination” like England.  Whites would “free” themselves while, for blacks, “free” would mean transferring ownership to “chattel slavery.”  This was “a bait and switch.”

            I have always treated the United States as a “crime scene.”  In a criminal investigation, it is necessary for a “two-legged bloodhound,” like myself, to look for a “clue.”  This was my modus operandi in racially-motivated cases.  I am unable to “keep a clean nose.”  Whites were imprisoned for perpetrating racially-motivated crimes.

My “big clue” has been the “1863 Executive Proclamation” and afterwards, examining the “status of black women.”  I would love for President Barack Obama to file an “attorney general’s opinion” before January 20, 2017.  President Abraham Lincoln had no “executive authority” to “free the slaves.”  It would have violated the Fifth Amendment.  Blacks are still “slaves.”

A first year law student knows that an “executive proclamation” is only apresidential announcement.  It is not even an “executive order.”  United States et. al. v. Texas et. al. held that President Barack Obama lacks the authority to issue an “executive order” even before he was a “lame-duck president.”  President Obama could “liquidate” the prison-industrial complex and pardon all blacks under Article 2, sec. 2 of the U.S. Constitution.

            In Hirabayashi v. United States, 320 U.S. 81 (1943) the U.S. Supreme Court had to review the constitutional efficacy of Executive Order No. 9066 which empowered the “war secretary” to create military areas for “Japanese-Americans.”   It sanctioned Executive Order No. 9066.  In 1938, Adolph Hitler was named by Time magazine as “Man of the Year.”  This should be a wake-up call.

            The selection of the candidate for U.S. Secretary of State is a “red herring.”  Blacks should be particularly concerned about President-select Donald J. Trump’s selections for U.S. Defense Secretary (“War Secretary”) and U.S. Attorney General.  These “offices” are necessary for the coordination of the “extermination” of descendants of enslaved Africans.

            President-select Trump may appear amusing from “Trump Towers” in Manhattan but he will not be amusing from the “Oval Office” of the White House in the nation’s capital.  Trump will have the “presidential power” to, arbitrarily, issue an “executive order” to “exterminate all blacks.”  He called for it for black children in 1989.  Blacks still refuse to fund a war chest to prevent black infanticide, a human rights violation.

            Korematsu v. United States, 323 U.S. 214 (1944) gave a “green light” to the extermination of Japanese-Americans; that is, civil deaths.”  This decision has never been overturned and unlike, under President Obama, the U.S. Supreme Court will hold that the elimination of most blacks by President Donald Trump is in the “national interest.”  They lack “gorilla glue.”  Super-glued, “King Kongs” are grave “threats” to white supremacy.

            It is not necessary for blacks to consider whether or not Trump is a “racist” any more than it is to decide whether Chief Justice Roger Taney was “racist” to pen Scott v. Sanford 19 How.( 60 U.S.) 393 (1857) on the issue of “diversity of jurisdiction.”  Blacks quote its dictum.  Whites quote its “holding.”

            To be sure, attorney Roy Cohn (“McCarthyism”) was a “motivating factor” in Trump’s tactical moves but Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau is his “political guru.”  The same designation of Morgenthau applies to former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, former Mayor David N. Dinkins, former Mayor Ed Koch, Cong. Charles Rangel, former Governor David Paterson and Governor Andrew Cuomoet. al.

            Morgenthau is a “crime-fighter.”  Blacks constitute “the face of crime.” Over three decades ago, Morgenthau, ominously, suggested that I should not “waste” my talents defending blacks.  They were unethical.  I had written an article condemning the prosecution of, mostly, black children in adult courts like in the “Central Park 7.”  This is a human rights violation.  Morgenthau took umbrage for me being a “human rights attorney.”

            I had to pay for it in People v. Maddox and Matter of Maddox.  Neither Freedom Party nor United African Movement would raise a “war chest” or even form a “pressure group” to end a “constructive eviction” in CPW Towers v Maddox et. ano. or to end “constitutional defamation” by the NYS Office of Court Administration.  A chitlin-circuit operation is “alive and well” in New York.  I have no source of income to defend human rights.

            New York now fears my, almost unilateral, insistence of a self-determined, political party for blacks to fight for human rights.  Sen. Charles Sumner of Massachusetts and President Warren Harding pointed out the “need for political parties” to persevere for and protect human rights, constitutional rights, statutes and common law rights.  Both were Republicans. 

According to them, only political parties can protect human rights and legal rights.  A Democrat, Andrew Jackson, appointed Roger Taney to the “High Court.”  Democrats are going to lower the status of blacks in the Democratic Party in 2017.  The only thing that will help black voters is a nationwide, political party with “ballot access” and the “right to bargain.”  I have already written the textbook on the Compromise of 2017.  A textbook for the United Nations and the World Court is needed.

While CNN was “penning” Unprecedented for whites, I was “penning”Compromise of 2017 for blacks.  The difference is a “hot bench” as opposed to a “cold bench.”  CNN was “funding” Unprecedented while the Freedom Party was “funning” Compromise of 2017.  It was a “miracle” that I completed Compromise of 2017.  No one else did it for blacks.

            The black community is the real problem.  A “lack of ethics” is Exhibit “A” for Trump calling for the “extermination of blacks.”  He favors “waste removal.” Trump learned “ethics” in a military academy.  He is fully aware, from “Central Park 7,” that blacks threw their top legal defender and human rights attorney “to the wolves.”  This fact only cements his “negative views” about blacks.

            No one, including Dylann Roof, wants to be with a people who will throw its top, legal defender “to the wolves.”  I was in Lexington County, SC while Roof was in elementary school in Lexington County.  I was fighting Cong. Joe Wilson and the Lexington County Public Schools on behalf of blacks.  It was a human rights struggle absent a “war chest.”  Lexington County, SC is “racist to the core.”

            Chief Justice Roger Taney died on December 12.  It is no accident that there is a “December 12 Movement,” (“D12”) a “coterie of “black activists,” in New York.  This organization is committed to remembering, lovingly, Taney as a “leading jurist.”  It did “a bait and switch” to the “delight” of the NAACP.  Dr. W.E.B. DuBois opposed black lawyers.  Booker T. Washington favored them.

  The initial promise of “December 12 Movement,” (“D12”) among others, was to “fund the defense of Tawana Brawley” until New York displayed the “white flag.”  Instead, it became a vocal critic of the chief, legal defender of Tawana Brawley, to undermine Brawley’s legal representation.  Dutchess County had “bribed” the NAACP to throw Tawana Brawley “to the wolves.”  I was a “free black.” Taney resented “free blacks.”  I had to make “citizen arrests” in my racially-motivated cases.

            Negroes refuse to act until they are told to do so by whites.  There is a “chain reaction” from top to bottom.  “White paternalism” plays a key role.  These Negroes refuse to believe that whites speak with “forked tongues.”  They refuse to hear the “411” until the eleventh hour and when they are “behind the eight ball.” 

            My Next Article:  “No Mo Chitlins Please!”



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