Daily: A Message from the Revered Ancestors

I have been blessed with extraterritorial antennas that have enabled me to receive messages from the ancestors. This has placed a special obligation on me to repeat those messages to freedom-loving peoples all over the world. These messages have been insightful and foresightful. They have been assets to our people.

A case in point is immigration. Last year, our revered ancestors informed me of the need for a 2016 National Black Political Convention. The first planning conference should be in the nation’s capital on October 3, 1915, fifty years after President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the 1965 Immigration Act. This was beyond my ken.

During his 2016 presidential bid for the White House, Donald Trump has made immigration the centerpiece of his presidential bid. Like he did in 1989, in “Central Park 7,” he has once again stoked the flames of fear for his personal benefit while Hillary Clinton was auditioning for the U.S. Senate. She is the “lesser of two evils.” One of the tenets of the U.S. Constitution is xenophobia.

Donald Trump’s famous words from Scotland regarding Britain pulling out of the European Union: “Basically, they took back their country… that’s a good thing.” In the United States, Trump describes President Barack Obama as an interloper in the United States, and a trespasser in the White House. His false claims arise out of “His Story.”

Tonight, I will be having my “Last Supper” at B.B. King’s in Times Square thanks to the invitation of Dick Gregory who will, once again, be connecting the dots and thinking outside the box. This is not the time for a celebration. It is time for insightful and prophetic deliberations. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Although I will continue to receive messages from our ancestors, in prison, Gov. Andrew Cuomo plans to end my communications to my people. I will have no professional staff at Riker’s Island. Earlier, he ended my banking privileges and my right to travel. Donors to this effort have had to secure money orders.

While no one argues that the Stonewall Inn (1969) should not have a place in history, Howard Beach (1986) represents the four hundred years of lynching blacks in the United States. It wrought New York’s first hate crime law although Gov. Andrew Cuomo has tampered with his father’s executive order which was issued after the racially-motivated killing of Michael Griffith in 1986.

No reminder, including a monument in Howard Beach, exists describing this ugly, mob action and any outcome. Instead, my prolonged suspension has continued under Gov. Andrew Cuomo and he has used the suspicious death of Raynette Turner, who died in police custody, to justify distinguishing his father’s executive order from an independent counsel and ad hoc prosecutor to an “elected official.”

This is another example of waste which is defined as a material failure to protect the legacy of one’s ancestors. There must be more than the celebration of the life of an ancestor and continually treating a business as a hobby. June 28 must be the first step in a protracted journey. Racial hemorrhaging must end today!

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