Could President Lincoln Have Constitutionally Freed The “Slaves”?


This is the most important “legal question” that President Barack Obama could answer before his lease ends at the White House on January 20, 2017.  Citizenship is “the issue.”  This is his second, four-year lease.  Most whites believe that his presidency was a “criminal fraud.”  Fortunately, for whites, the Twenty-second Amendment places a term-limit on a lease to the White House.

If revisionist history is the case, history books will have to be rewritten consistent with Scott v. Sanford, 19 How. (60 U.S.) 393 (1857) and Plessy v. Ferguson, 163 U.S. 537 (1896).  In order to explain the presidency of President Abraham Lincoln, for example, the “rule of law” would have to be dismissed and the United States has to be redefined as a “nation of men” and not “a nation of laws.”

I would hope that any lawyer in the United States could explain the difference between an “executive order” and an “executive proclamation.”  The black community needs immediate “legal counseling.”  It is a matter of “life or death.”  Time is of the essence.

If President Lincoln had the “executive authority” to free the slaves in 1863, a Republican Congress would have had to either dismiss the Reconstruction amendments or rewrite constitutional amendments giving causes of actions for “reparations” and “constitutional defamation.”

An attorney general’s opinion is defined in Blacks Law Dictionary (Deluxe Eighth Edition) as follows:

An opinion furnished by the U.S. Attorney General to the President or another executive official on a request concerning a question of law…. 2 a written opinion by a state attorney general usu. given at the request of a public official interpreting a legal provision.

Blacks need to know their “proper places” in the United States.  If the facts demonstrate that we are still “slaves,” we should immediately ask for international protections, as “refugees,” by the United Nations and the World Court.  Congress would have to go into emergency session to provide for “interim protection” for all descendants of enslaved Africans.

Only the truth can set descendants of enslaved Africans free.  President-elect Donald Trump wanted to win the presidency at all costs.  He wants Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama to be appointed the U.S. Attorney General even if it means that the University of Alabama and the “Crimson Tide,” inter alia, should go back to the segregationist policies of Gov. George Wallace: “segregation now, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever.”

The National Basketball Association, National Football League and Major League Baseball, inter alia, will go back to the pre-Jackie Robinson days.  This will give blacks the opportunity to join international, professional, sports leagues if it is decided that President Abraham Lincoln exceeded his executive authority.

It would also elevate all “Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBUCs)” and their sports departments because white universities must revert back to “segregated institutions” of higher learning especially in the South.  All 2016 college bowl games should be enjoined and the 2016 College Football Championship should also be enjoined.

I have a personal interest in this issue.  I had to devote my life to poverty law and legal education for the masses.  This should have been the responsibility of the United States and the state of New York.  Orientation is a condition precedent to freedom and self-determination.

My services were not appreciated and I have had to suffer “constitutional defamation” for defending blacks.  White supremacists will not take this “wake-up call” lightly.  A plantation system is preferable.  This is Mr. Trump’s intention.  So far, I have suffered a “lifetime ban” from the practice of law and a “constructive eviction.”

Black women have had to suffer a split personality under the U.S. Constitution.  Their lives have had to be replete with “half-truths” and Celia A Slave, decided by the Missouri Supreme Court before the Civil War, is instructive.  Celia A Slave was lynched for preventing the slavemaster from raping her.

Celia A. Slave is a companion to Dred Scott.  A black woman suffers from a lack of exercising the human right of self-defense.  Black children are unable to enjoy any constitutional protections from either a “matriarchal” or “patriarchal society.” This leads to a “Divided House.”

An answer by President Barack Obama should be good news for law enforcement agencies.  Cuban President Fidel Castro has just made his transition.  On the orders of President Donald J. Trump, whites can see a black woman, Assata Shakur, in irons, in the custody of white troops.  Typically, black men have “looked the other way.”

NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman can rule, in his “executive opinion” that the rape of Tawana Brawley by ADA Steven Pagones was lawful and that Rev. Al Sharpton should be suffering a conviction emanating from a 67-count indictment.  Both Alton Maddox and C. Vernon Mason should be “permanently banned” from the practice of law.  My residence should be in the slave quarters.

Every black person should have been “alarmed” by our own citizenship status after United States v.  Texas, 579 U.S. ____(2016) which held that President Barack Obama lacked the “executive authority” to stay the deportation of illegal aliens.  The U.S. Supreme Court stated:  “On November 18, 2016 attorneys for both parties filed a joint motion to stay proceedings until one month after President Donald Trump’s inauguration.”

This decision strengthens Scott v. Sanford, supra and Civil Rights Cases, 109 U.S. 3 (1863).  There is a big difference between an “executive order” and an “executive proclamation.” An executive proclamation is a presidential announcement without any legal authority.  An executive order does not extend to the military.

Even though President Abraham Lincoln refused to employ an “executive order” to end slavery, the U.S. Supreme Court would have outlawed the 1863 Executive Proclamation as being unconstitutional.  Taney died on December 12, 1864.  No black attorney could appear in the United States Supreme Court before Taney’s death.

If U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama is given the “nod” to be the U.S. Attorney General, I can assure you that it will take a Compromise of 2017, with militant and competent negotiation, not to send blacks, immediately, “Back to Africa.”  President-elect Donald Trump’s theme is:  “Make America Great Again.”  This means “Whites Made America Great.”  This “enthymeme” has a missing premise.  Sen. Session’s role model is Attorney General Augustus H. Garland.

While I believe that President Lincoln lacked the “executive authority” to free any “slaves,” President Obama should be given the “first shot” at deciding our constitutional status in the United States.  This would give some blacks an early notice.  It is not easy to find residence in another country.

Any supporters of Assata Shakur, Mumia Abu-Jamil and Jamil Abdul Al-Amin, inter alia should be especially “alarmed” about the constitutionality of the 1863 Executive Proclamation.  While Al-Amin is in a federal prison, Assata Shakur should be looking for a “safe heaven.”  Mumia Abu-Jamal is also incarcerated.  Law enforcement agencies are already paving her re-entry back into the United States.

Keep the Pressure On!

I started mentioning “illegal immigration” on October 3, 2015 the fiftieth anniversary of the Immigration Act of 1965, in a planning conference in the nation’s capital.  My prediction was clear.  The Republican Party would give Trump the “nod” and, in a political contest between Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Trump would end up in the “winner’s circle.”

Blacks need to use the remainder of November 2016, December 2016 and through January 19, 2017 to make “life or death decisions.”  President Barack Obama owes blacks an “attorney general’s opinion.”  Mr. Obama, “the First Lady” and their “daughters” will be in “protective custody.”  Blacks have no similar assurances.

  1. President Barack Obama – (202-456-1111)
  2. Request An Attorney General’s Opinion
  3. Citizenship Status of Blacks
  4. A Refugee Plan for Blacks
  1. U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch – (202-353-1555/202-514-2000)
  2. Provide An Attorney General’s Opinion
  3. Citizenship Status of Blacks
  4. A Refugee Plan for Blacks


  1. Democratic National Committee (202-863-8000)
  2. Request An Attorney General’s Opinion
  3. Citizenship Status of Blacks
  4. A Refugee Plan for Blacks
  5. Meeting with Black Community
  1. NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo – (212-257-6405/ 518-474-8390)
  2. Stop Harassing Attorney Alton Maddox
  3. End Judge Shopping
  4. Stop Constructive Eviction


  1. NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman ((212-416-8000)
  2. Request An Attorney General’s Opinion
  3. Citizenship Status of Blacks
  4. Stop Constructive Eviction


  1. Hon. Fern Fisher – Manhattan Civil Court (646-386-5400/5687)
  2. Stop Judge-Shopping in CPW Towers LLC v. Maddox
  3. Prevent Constructive Eviction
  4. Dismiss CPW Towers LLC v. Maddox  on November 30, 2016



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