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Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. would often remark that white men would routinely refer to adult males and females as “boys” and “girls.”  Unfortunately, these remarks are not defamatory statements. “Truth is a defense to defamation.”  I would often observe adult males and females behaving like children. This is still happening, today, in New York.

It is the most shameful display, by adults, of child-like behavior, that you can observe almost anywhere.  I vowed early on that I would be a “man” even it I had to face a “slipknot.”  I had to face lynchings, on many occasions, in Georgia, Alabama and in Mississippi.  I would do sit-ins as a “lone wolf.”  At KKK checkpoints, I would, openly, photograph the KKK “while driving black.”  This is called Imani.

In New York, I had to face “segregated courtrooms,” in 1976, even though the U.S. Supreme Court had, belatedly, “outlawed” them in 1963.  The use of “fists” was necessary to defend me and my client, “a minor.”  New York prosecutes children as adults.  It is a “human rights” violation.  This is an issue for National Action Network.

Albany is closer, in distance, to New York City than the nation’s capital.  Rev. Al Sharpton should have been involved in “Central Park 7.” He would have seen Mr. Trump calling for the “death penalty” for seven, innocent, black and Latino boys.   Rev. Sharpton wrongfully, refers to them as the “Central Park 5.”

I had an opportunity to rerpesent Queen Mother Moore, among others, in resisting Mayor Abraham Beame and the “Gang of Four” in the shutdown of Cooper Junior High School, a top-flight school, in Harlem.  I was, “arbitrarily,” fired by Harlem Assertion of Rights (HAR) for defending the parents.  It would take another decade before I would meet Rev. Sharpton.

Queen Mother Moore’s favorite saying:  “You are too slow children, you are too slow.”  The emphasis was on “children.”  Blacks were never allowed to grow up. United States v. Texas, 579 U.S. ___ (2016) ruled that under Plessy v. Ferguson, 163 U.S. 537 (1896) and Scott v. Sandford, 19 How. (60 U.S.) 393 (1857) a black president has “no juice.”

If a “black president” is unable to issue an “executive order,” Mr. Obama may, nonetheless, issue an “executive proclamation” to review the efficacy of the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation which failed to use “executive” or “liberation” in its title.  This “executive proclamation” is a throwback to New York in 1799.

No criminal defendant can be sentenced without a “pre-sentencing report.”  This will also apply to the “Chicago 4” unless a “human rights” attorney drafts a “human rights petition” and heads to the World Court.  To have “standing,” legal status will be a critical question.  Only an “Attorney General’s Opinion” can provide the answer.

Otherwise, the plight of the “Chicago 4,” who has been charged with “hate crimes,” will probably emulate the fate of the “Central Park 7.”  If that is the case, an “Attorney General’s Opinion” will have particular import.  Black’s Law Dictionary defines “pre-sentence investigation” report as follows:

A probation officer’s detailed account of a convicted defendant’s educational, criminal, family and social background conducted at the court’s request as an aid in passing sentence.

Instead of receiving an “adult sentence,” a minor, descendant of enslaved Africans would not only avoid “an adult prison” but also “an adult sentence.”  This would, also, apply to all convicted defendants in the United States.  It is also likely that any person, who suffered the “deadly effects of chattel slavery,” through a descendant, is mentally insane. This would relieve an insane person of a “death sentence.”

I am to the United States, today, what Medgar Evers was to Mississippi in 1963.  No white supremacist will allow a “militant black” access to the airwaves.  The “Big Three” and the Congressional Black Caucus have access to them.  This “demand,” for an “Attorney General’s Opinion,” must travel on the “Underground Railroad.”  Given the deadline date of arrival, it will now take a “bullet train.”

A black activist, who was actually involved in the Civil Rights Movement, knows that the intent was to get involved in the system and, afterwards, to further the legacy of Rosa Parks and Fannie Lou Hamer.  The exercise of the “doctrine of preferred freedoms” would take a “back seat.” They “opened the door.”  I will get it myself.

Instead, “racial hustlers” have created the $ilver rites movement.  This was a complaint of the late Mayor Ed Koch.  He and former Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman had participated in the Civil Rights Movement.  Holtzman clerked for attorney C.B. King of Albany, GA who I had brought to the University of Georgia Law School as the “first, black, guest speaker.” The “Gang of Four” remained in the North.

In Scott v. Sanford, Chief Justice Taney recognized that any “freeing of blacks” would give them the “balance of power” in politics.  Black lawyers must never acquire “gorilla glue” and afterwards, become a “political force” in American politics.  Black lawyers were banned from admission to practice law in the U.S. Supreme Court until after Taney’s death.

Chief Justice Taney was alarmed that “free blacks” were not only acquiring patents but they also were “not behaving” like children.  Congress outlawed blacks, in 1858, from acquiring patents.  Taney allowed President Abraham Lincoln to “pen” the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation.

When the black community ends my sabbatical, I will not be representing Negroes with “children-like behavior.”  In 1994, I formed the Freedom Party to, first and foremost, end the adult prosecution of children.  My goal is to manage a political party, nationwide, with automatic ballot access by 2024 in addition to National Freedom Journal.

Shouldn’t Sharpton be forming a political party?  Our children’s future will depend on the formation of an African-centered, political party.  Like he said on Up Close, Sharpton still prefers the 6 o’clock news to “advance the rights of blacks.”   The Democratic and Republican parties are Euro-centric.  Sharpton is in the “Negro wing” of the Democratic Party.

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