Charles and Inez Barron: Musical Chairs


Before I set out to editorialize “Green-eyed pols $$ jump” I want to say that I have previously represented Charles Barron, in “Save the Schomburg Coalition,” and “Day of Outrage” trials, pro bono.  I also represented Rev. Herbert Daughtry as head of Black United Front and a sponsor of the 1984 Congressional Hearings on Police Brutality pro bono.

It is disturbing for me to see any politician elevate his or her personal interests over the group interests of a people.  This is part of the modus operandiof Donald J. Trump who intends to mix “private business’ with the “people’s business” despite the Emolument Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

According to the New York Post, politicians will be announcing changes of venue starting on Monday.  New York City Council members earn $148,500. Members in the New York Assembly earn a base salary of $79,000.00.  These politicians engage in “political swaps” without regard to seniority or influence in the legislative body.  These “swaps” hurt constituents.

Charles and Inez Barron have swapped jobs.  The NYS Assembly is responsible for “stop, question and frisk.”  It is also responsible enacting the statute allowing for the prosecution of children in adult courts.  Neither Inez nor Charles Barron has sought to make any legislative changes.  Charles is known for blowing “hot air.”

Inez is already receiving a hefty pension as principal of a public school. The political position only “fattens the cushion.”  City Councilman Charles Barron will now receive a second pension from the NYS Assembly.  His new pension will allow him to emulate his wife’s combined pensions.  No money is being spent to enhance the political consciousness of his constituents.  This is “highway robbery.”

Freedom Journal, established March 1827 in Harlem, was this nation’s first black newspaper.  Today, blacks in New York only have a tabloid and not a newspaper nor a journal.  In One Hundred Ninety Years, blacks have perpetrated “waste.”  There is no black, commercial bank in New York.  Political and legal representation for blacks is barred.

A daily newspaper for blacks would keep “black titleholders” on their toes. There is no criticism of “stop, question and frisk” or the “adult prosecution of children in adult courts.”  The Democratic Party, which oppresses blacks in New York, invariably gets a “free pass.”

Newnan, GA, which is only a “village,” has a newspaper, Newnan Times Herald, which publishes twice a week.  Former President Bill Clinton resides in New York.  President-select Trump resides in New York.  Four members of the Congressional Black Caucus represent four congressional districts in New York City.  No black law firm exists in New York.

With all of the “stars” who live in New York, including athletes, and New York having the largest population of Blacks anywhere in the nation, it is shameful that New York lacks a commercial bank or a daily newspaper.  Something is “rotten” in Denmark.  New York “flunks the smell test.”

Amsterdam News falls far short of promoting “advocacy journalism.”  Bill Tatum had to turn over the reins of the newspaper, because of surgery, while Elinor Tatum was a “neophyte.”  It takes a person with “temerity” to run a newspaper without trepidation.  Elinor Tatum is no Ida Wells Barnett.

My Next Article:  “December 12:  A Day in Infamy.”



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