Censorship is Bad News for Blacks and Tawana Brawley ©

Under the rules and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission, the airwaves belong to the public and censorship is unlawful. The public has “the right to know”. No one has explained FCC law or the U.S. Constitution to Rev. Al Sharpton, Bob Slade, Bob Pickett and James Mtume. They mistakenly believe that rich, white billionaires own the airwaves. This ignorance is costing the Black community big time. Slavery is on the horizon. Blacks see Florida v. Zimmerman as justice for Trayvon Martin. Whites see the same case as a ruling on “white vigilantism”. Blacks see Pagones v. Maddox et. al as defense of Tawana Brawley. Whites see the same case as rulings on “legitimate rape” and “indentured servitude”. The local newspaper in Surry, VA is the Suffolk-Surry Dispatch. Today, this newspaper, which is connected to the judicial system in Surry, VA, refused to accept a full-paid ad from Blacks in the tri-state area and the United African Movement. The ad and the advertising fee were offered to this newspaper today. This refusal to accept the full-page, paid advertisement was a trial balloon and a barometer of the racism in the area. A statue of a Confederate soldier with a Confederate flag fronts the antiquated courthouse. It is now clear why Steven Pagones, the rapist, selected this courthouse to unlawfully reduce Tawana Brawley to “indentured servitude”. Sharpton is working feverishly to return Black women back to “indentured servitude” after his complicity against Tawana Brawley. This kind of Black was present during slavery. Sharpton’s ancestors came off the Strom Thurmond plantation in South Carolina. Thurmond was also a “rapist” and a “dead-beat dad”. Any discussion of Tawana Brawley is banned from both MSNBC and Sirius Satellite Radio. Any discussion of Tawana Brawley is also banned on WLIB-AM, WBLS-FM and WWRL-AM. Tawana Brawley is back in slavery (“indentured servitude”) due to judicial chicanery. Censorship is riding shotgun. The Daily Press in Newport News, VA may print the full paid advertisement next week provided that we collect Four Thousand Dollars by this Sunday, July 14, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. Bro. John Beatty, owner of the Cotton Club, has agreed to the use of the Cotton Club, 656 West 125th Street in Harlem to accept contributions to this effort. Collection will start at the Cotton Club at noontime on this Sunday. The New York Amsterdam News charged the Black community Forty-five Hundred Dollars recently. It was effective in the tri-state area. For additional information, call UAM at 718-834-9034.

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